4 thoughts on “When people are chased by dogs, they will be scared as soon as they squat down. Why?”

  1. In the public’s impression, dogs are generally more docile, but this is not 100 %. Dogs have feelings and temper. Of course, it is impossible to be docile. If it is too docile, there is no meaning of housekeeping, and the days of the stray dogs are not good. If they are also docile, it will not live long.
    . Although some dogs will be fierce when they see strangers, they always roar, but you don't have to worry, because you generally do not provoke the dog, the dog will not take the initiative to attack you, unless you are sick, the dog is the dog, the dog is the dog, the dog is the dog, the dog is the dog The domain is very strong. It may just not like strangers on its territory. In fact, the dog is very smart. I have a dog at home. They are particularly counseled outside. At home, you will call it when you see a stranger, but if the stranger keeps it close to it, it will immediately counsel, and it will look at people.
    What do you have to panic when you encounter a dog. Keep your calming and you will usually not hurt you. If it keeps following you, then do n’t run, you will be more fierce as soon as you run. At this time Squatting down to make a stones, the dog is very eye -catching. It can feel your mood. If you pretend to be calm or even very angry to pick up things, it will be afraid, because the dog's recognition is recognized by the dog's recognition Knowing, most of the squatting down to pick it up.
    This dogs have been in contact with humans for a long time, so they know humanity very well, and they are also similar to humans. Some people are gentle, and some people are more irritable. I will be afraid, so if you are afraid of a dog, you must master this method so that neither will be damaged. Of course, if you squat, you must not be too close to the dog. After all, dogs can see whether there is any on the ground. Things, and some dogs are fierce, and may attack you while your waist, so do you need to see the opportunity to do it.
    Hen people who are afraid of dogs, dogs will be afraid of people, so if you raise dogs in the city, you must follow the rules of dog breeding. You must take a dog rope when you go out. When others meet, you can prevent some unpleasantness because one party is too panic, and it can also prevent the dog from throwing or eating. If you are afraid of the dog, you have to hide a little.
    . Once you raise dogs, you must be responsible for them. You cannot discard them at will. The discarded dogs are very pitiful and may bite others. If you are in the village, you should try not to go alone alone. When you meet the dogs, you can call people to drive to drive, and also hope that the dog owner in the village can also take care of his own dog.

  2. Because the dog thinks that you want to start attacking it, it will retreat from the normal reaction. If you chase it, it may still run, pretend to pick a stone to smash it, or hit it with things, it will run away.

  3. Because when you meet a dog falling down, the dog will habitually think that you are looking for weapons to attack it, and you will not dare to attack you at will.

  4. First of all, we already knew why dogs like to chase people, because the ancestors of the dog are wolfs, chasing and hunting are their instincts. Although most dogs have been tamed by humans into pet dogs, watching dogs, but they like If you can't change this hobby, if you keep running, then the dog behind will be stimulated. Of course, brave dogs will chase you like chasing prey. This is why you run more. The reason for chasing you is second. When you are chased by a dog, you can catch the dog when you are chased by the dog. Sometimes the dog is like a soft animal like humans. If human beings are chased by a dog, if they squat down, in the dog's understanding of the dog's understanding , It means to be preparing to attack

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