1 thought on “How to weave the sweater of pet dogs”

  1. Materials: dark blue wool and light blue wool
    1, 46 shares of dark blue wool on the 6th needle rod.


    3, weaving 8 rows and then replacing dark blue wool. Finally, I replaced the No. 6 needle rod. The needle method is the same as the initial.

    5, 18 dark blue wool with No. 7 needle rod, just like the previous one to weave 8 rows, change the light blue woolen wool, and weave it to the first time to the first time to the first place to the first time. 3 rows and bottom 8 rows are reduced.

    6, when weaved to the 8th row, replaced the No. 7 needle stick.

    7, connected with a light blue wool woven, the needle method becomes one right
    8, and the dark blue is changed after 4 rows, The needle method is replaced with two positives and two, and the lock is woven 8 rows. Use a needle rod to sew it on the top and bottom at the bottom, leaving a hole in the middle for pets to stretch the legs.

    9, such a warm and stylish pet striped wool coat is achieved! As shown in the figure above

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