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  1. The sky slowly turns cold, and he will want to add some clothes to the dog and want to make a satisfactory clothes for her.

    Tools/raw materials
    The wool, sweater needle, ruler
    The bust is 1.25 feet. Needle. Dear friends can adjust the number of needles appropriately according to the bust and neck surrounds of their dogs.
    This Raiders of Dogs and Dog Sweats
    In longes of the collar length of 1.5 inches, add 10 stitches and start weaving.
    This dog sweater woven all strategy
    25-30 needles are punished from the neckline (the number of needles can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the dog's bust). When weaving, add a needle at the top of the part and the rear needle, so that it looks neat and beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the sleeves start to divide the sleeves when weave around 1.7 inches. At this time, the total width should be slightly greater than the dog's bust.
    This sweater woven all strategies
    Bels according to the thickness of the dog's front legs, two cuffs leave about 10 stitches each. In the middle of the two cuffs, there is also a need to leave a needle between the distance between the dog's front legs (beautiful women usually leave 24-26 stitches), and then weave the front and rear slices.
    This Raiders of Dogs and Dog Sweats

    This Towel Film Towel 0.8-1 inch Time to knit the body. Generally, the body is woven to the back of the dog's hind legs and the back and back of the back of the dog. Only the back and after the back of the dog. When the rear piece is weaved 1 inch at the roots of the dog's tail, the two sides are raised on the same edge of the same film.
    This sweater woven all strategies

    This to pick up the reserved cuffs. Weaving the sleeve is generally about 40 stitches.
    This sweater woven all strategy

    ok. The main body of the sweater is completed. You can also weave a name or a beautiful pattern for dogs.

    The woven method in the first half of the dog sweater can be referred to the method given by the dog sweater weaving all, and the weaving in the second half can be referred to the figure below.

    Is when the dog's four-legged sweater woven the chest length woven to 2.5 inches from the root of the dog's thighs, leave 30-40 stitches according to the dog's fat and thin. one). If the dog is a young handsome guy, you should close the needle in the middle and weave it into a triangle to facilitate the handsome pot to put water.

    The dog four -legged sweater weaving method

    The two -thirds of the remaining woven method of dogs and sweater weaving methods continues to weave about 1.5 inches.

    This four -legged sweater weaving method

    The dog's four -legged sweater weaving method begins to add needle. In general, add 13-16 stitches.

    This four -legged sweater weaving method

    The dog four -leather sweater woven 1.5 inches (see the lower right corner above).

    The dog's four-legged sweater woven method Note: The length of the back is calculated from the dog's neck, and when weaving 1 inch from the dog's tail, 16-18 stitches are left in the middle. Then start gradually receiving the needle.

    Is that you need to remind you: When the leg is woven to 0.5 inches, the length of the back weaving should basically meet the needs of the back length.

    The dog four -legged sweater weaving method can be collected by 6 stitches.

    This four -legged sweater weaving method plus needle part of 1.5 inches, the needle will be added to the needle.

    The dog four -legged sweater weaving method is then gradually received.

    This four -legged sweater weaving is 3 inches long and width of 1.5 inches. Two parts together to become a hind leg. Weave another hind leg in the same way.

    The dog four -legged sweater weaving method

    This four -legged sweater woven method can pick up the hind legs and crotch respectively.

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