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  1. After the dog arrived in a new family, they regarded the owner's most important person for their hearts, so the owners are attentive as they are waiting for their children. It is easy for dogs and humans to establish relatively "deep feelings". Essence This emotion cannot be replaced by many things. Therefore, whether the dog is sick or dead, it is extremely sad as the owner. The departure of the dog is also a lack of spiritual sustenance for them. So if "what to do if the dog is dead"? What are the methods? What treatment is the most appropriate?

    What to deal with dogs? What are the methods

    : Earth burial
    n ? "Then choose to bury the earth. This is one of the most common and environmentally friendly ways at present. After the dog died, its corpse will also breed bacteria at home for a long time. Therefore, it should be processed "for the first time. "Earth burial" is the most economical and most convenient way. Whether in cities or in rural areas, this treatment method is generally common. There are certain benefits of buried soil. After the dog died, they buried them under flowers or under trees. In this way, it is good to have a spiritual sustenance as a pet owner.

    : Fire

    "How to deal with dogs" and "cremate". This method is suitable for families with a certain economic foundation. Drive unfortunately, in order to commemorate them, you can choose to find a certain funeral company to make it cremated, and then find them a graveyard with a better environment and bury them. If you have conditions, you can consider setting up a tombstone for them. In this way, you don't have to worry about it for a long time, and you can't find it. Although this method seems a bit "ridiculous", this method has now been more and more recognized.

    three: Pet doctor treatment

    "How to deal with dogs"? This situation is generally died of any serious illness of the dog, and the disease may be transmitted to a certain amount of infectious. So like this, don't deal with the dead dogs without permission. At this time, you should choose to believe in doctors. They are more experienced. They know how to disinfect and how to deal with it. Many pet owners can't accept this way, but there is no other way for health.

  2. Dogs are sick and died, so the best way to deal with is to find a unmanned area to bury it. It is better to bury it deeply. In this way, it can minimize this pollution.

  3. Dogs usually need to be treated with non -risk after death.
    It needs to find the corresponding local non -harmful animal treatment agency for treatment. Many large cities now have it. The dog's body can be buried outside the beautiful outskirts of the scenery after sparking, which does not affect public health and safety. It can also be buried in a special pet cemetery. Or hand over to the community health and safety management personnel.
    The body of the dog cannot be abandoned casually, or buried by itself. Because this will produce a large amount of bacteria and viruses, bringing harm to the people and animals around. After processing, the owner can organize the dog's photos into albums.

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