Qingdao Pet Adoption Center

Is there any free pet adoption center in Qingdao Pet adoption center in Qingdao. If you want to adopt small animals, you need a place. Please introduce a few friends to introduce a few

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    This: Lixianzhuang Community, Chengyang District, Qingdao
    Morshong Industrial Park (please make an appointment)
    Tel: 0532-85870333
    Email: qd_dogshome@163
    The adoption procedures and requirements
    The adoption procedures
    The first step: visit the base. (Due to the limited adoption assistant, please call to make an appointment in advance)
    Step 2: Fill in the "Adoption Application Form" (you can download it in advance to the base mailbox)
    : Talk to the adoption assistant, for you for you It is recommended to be suitable for dogs.
    The fourth step: contact and interact with dogs alone.
    Step 5: Sign the "Adoption Agreement" to complete the adoption procedures.
    The adoption requirements
    1, 18 years old
    2, the city has stable work and income
    3, the city has fixed housing
    Original certificate and copy of the ID card
    2, the original and copy of the real estate certificate
    Note n1, all adopted procedures must have the adopter himself
    2, the adopters ensure that it can be adopted for adoption The dog only provides a suitable living environment, and promises to try their best to take care of them
    3, the adopter needs to visit at least once to complete all adoption procedures

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