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  1. The text department (teasing cat for a while) was original and plagiarized the party's respect.
    except for rabies or dogs who are in some special circumstances, normal dogs will not bite people. Moreover, dogs have a successful attribute to people, and they do not easily attack people. If you are bitten by a dog "inexplicable", there must be a reason, maybe you have touched the "restricted area" of the dog.

    The first restricted area: the owner of the dog who guards the owner
    dogs are very loyal. They instinctively feel that the owner needs to look up and protect of. If the owner is in danger and the dog is just next to it, the dog will definitely rush to save the owner without hesitation. Whether it is a natural guardian or a small mini pet dog, it has the habit of protecting the Lord. So ah, it is said that dogs fight for people. In fact, people also need dogs to protect them.
    The second restricted area: violated the dog's "territory"
    The awareness of the dog's territory, especially the dogs responsible for looking at the home nursing home. The dogs in the home nursing home have the sense of responsibility of guarding the family, so once a stranger suddenly breaks in, it will inevitably cause the dog's alertness. If you still do not let the break in after several warnings, the dogs who look at the home nursing homes are likely to attack strangers. Therefore, when you go to some families in the rural family, you should never break into it. It is safer to wait for the owner to go out to welcome you.
    The third restricted area: Bullying the dog's cub
    Dogs are also mammals. Their habits of their calves are exactly the same as people. It is said that women who have become mothers are particularly powerful. In fact, dogs who have become mothers are the same. If you see a little milk dog on the road, it is best not to rush to tease or take it directly. You should observe more nearby to see if the little milk dog is taking care of it. If you rashly take the little milk dog on the roadside, it is likely to cause the dog's mother's "revenge"! Because the dog's mother thinks that you take it away or bullish it, he will warn you or attack you.
    The fourth restricted area: grab the food of its
    dogs have more or less food habits. If you rashly snatch the things in their mouths when you eat Good attacks on people because they are very angry. There are some trained pet dogs who do not bite their owners because they care for food, but outsiders are not necessarily.
    It, in a word, do not mess up dogs everywhere, dogs will not easily attack people. They must attacked people because people have violated their bottom line. Dogs are still a principled animal.

  2. It is the dog's tail. Even if you are closer to the dog, you can't touch the dog's tail, which will make the dog instantly angry.

  3. The dog's head, teeth, tail and other parts cannot be touched at will, especially the dogs of other people's houses. If the dog is not familiar with you, it is likely that you want to attack it and hurt you.

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