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  1. 1, poodle, usually small poodles will be made into Teddy's shape. Teddy is just a small poodle shape. The main colors are brown, brown -red, and black. In addition, the VIPs of the gray and white, such as the shape of a tea cup, are also divided into a tea cup to a giant VIP. VIP dogs are the highest IQ puppies. They are lively and sticky. The biggest advantages will not be like other dogs. , But because of this, hair needs to be cleaned up regularly.

    2, Biens dogs, Big Bear Dogs generally only have white colors. Many people will confuse the white poodle and bears. One of the differences between these two dogs is the difference between the poodle. The shape of the eyes is similar to almonds, and the eyes of the bear are round. Similar to VIPs, smart, lively, do not love hair loss. But there will be a certain difference between the two, which will be more intense than the bear, and the VIP will be savvy.
    3, the famous Bomei dog has a Bomei dog named "Junsuke". Its lovely shape has been loved by many netizens. In addition to the yellow Bomei, white Bomei hair needs to be managed frequently, especially when the hair changing period will have hair removal. Personality is more arrogant and cute.

    4, Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest dog. Chihuahua is small in size and short hair. It is a bit stubborn in personality.
    5, Sherry, also known as "little old man" and "old man" because such dogs are characterized by long "beard" like old grandpa, and sometimes they are stubborn and stubborn, but they are usually lively Vibrant guy. Black, salt and pepper, black, silver, and white as the standard body type, the most commonly raised is giant Schuro and mini Sherry.
    6, Bago is also known as "Haba Dog", with a short figure, a very cute appearance, wrinkles on his eyes, prominent nose, and look thick and stupid, as if he was beaten with a punch. Eating is easy to hold a large amount of exercise, but it is not suitable for excessive exercise because of its short nasal cavity.
    7, deer dogs are called "mini Dubin". The general color is black and red, and the red limbs are gradually erected by the ears with their age growth. Sexuality and lively.
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