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  1. There are the following types of cheap pet cats: 1. Linqing Lion Cat
    Linqing Lion Cat is the highest value of cats in Chinese pastoral cats. Don't lose to other pet cats at all. It can be said to be the quality of nobles and the price of civilians, which is worth breeding.
    The lion cat's survivability is very strong, suitable for outdoor survival, and very cold -resistant, not afraid of cold. Even living in the severe cold area is very suitable for raising lion cats. After the lion cat's constitution is still very good, it is very suitable for novice breeding.
    2. Chinese raccoon cat
    The first top of the world's top ten cats that are most suitable for novice are raccoon cats. It is a unique cat variety in China. High, and lively and outgoing, you don't need too much care, it is easy to feed.
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