5 thoughts on “What kind of cats are in cat varieties not growing up?”

  1. There are many cats in the cat's variety. For example, the oriental short hair cats, British folding -eared cats, tea cup cats, etc., but whether it is that cat, it is a very cute little angel.
    The short -haired cat Oriental short -haired cat originated too much. It was born in British short -haired cats and Siamese cats. East short hair cats have large ears, medium body shape, long limbs, muscles are also very developed It looks very elegant, and there are many colors of short -haired cats in the east, which are very beautiful. The jealousy of the Oriental short -haired cat is very jealous. If the owner ignores it for a long time, the Oriental short -haired cat is a good temper, but the Oriental short -haired cat is very loyal and depends on its own owner. At the same time, it is smart. You can understand that some of the instructions of the owner are a very pleasing cat.
    Burning -folded cats British folding ear cats are a cat with a genetic diagram. This cat was first discovered in Scotland, and the name of the cat species was also obtained. It will make the ears naturally twists and turns, but in fact, this is a congenital orthopedic disease. This disease will cause pain to the Scotch -ear cats, so they often need to use a sitting posture to relieve pain. The character of Scotch folding ear cats is very docile. They are smart and very relatives. They are a very cute cat.
    The tea cup cat tea cup cat is a kind of pocket mini cat, also known as mini cat. It should be the smallest cat on the earth. The life expectancy is relatively short. Although it is cute, it has not been recognized internationally. It is not a valuable cat variety. Tea cup cats are cultivated in order to meet people's needs for miniature cats. The problem is only 2.8 kilograms of weight. This cat's physical condition is not very good, and it will be difficult to raise, and it is born because of human needs. If you have a tea cup cat, please be kind to it. Its life is short and hard, so it is best not to cause this poor little life to suffer unnecessary damage.

  2. The varieties of cats that are not growing are: Oriental short -haired cats, European short -haired cats, American short -haired cats, exotic short -haired cats, British folding ear cats, tea cup cats, etc. The appearance of these cats is different from the color of the hair.

  3. British folding -eared cats and tea cup cats, as well as short -haired cats in the East, have no way to grow up, and their volume is relatively small, and their life is relatively short.

  4. Oriental short -haired cats, short -haired cats in the United States, British folded cats, European short -haired cats, tea cup cats, these cats are not long.

  5. Short -haired cats in the east, beautiful short -haired cats, British folding cats, short -haired cats in Europe, tea cup cats, these cats are not big.

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