5 thoughts on “How to choose a cat with a large variety of cats that are suitable for children at home?”

  1. If there are children in the family, you can raise a mild cat with a gentle and sticky person, such as Mao Ying short or puppet. The two cats are very good, and they are more careful about children. They will play with the child and not scratch the child.
    The children prefer cats, because the hair of cats is more soft to make children happy. And the kitten's cry is very beautiful, and it will also attract children's attention. Raising a kitten will make children more concerned about caring for small animals, which is very good for children's growth. But children can't get along with some cats who are not very good, such as raccoon cats wandering in the wild. These cats must get food through their own efforts when they are in the wild, and they often fight with other cats or dogs, so their character is more brutal. The adults in the family can go to the pet shop to buy some varieties of kittens or adopt a small raccoon cat, so that they can be raised from childhood to large, which will make the cat's personality very casual with the owner. Essence
    Except for the above cats, in fact, it is very good to raise a Maine cat. This cat's body is relatively large, the growth rate is fast, and it has a relatively powerful appearance, but it is really very sticky. In addition, the cat's body is very large, which can give children a sense of security, and it is still a good experience. It is best not to raise some cats that need to be carefully taken care of, such as exotic short -haired cats. The face of this cat is relatively flat. When eating, you will get the whole face to get more dirty, and it is particularly easy to appear in the corner of the eyes. It is troublesome and time -consuming. There is already a child in his own home. If you have a cat that needs to take care of carefully, it may increase the burden on adults and make adults very tired.
    Prior to raising cats, adults also need to communicate well with children, so that children will accept a small animal in the family.

  2. I think if there are children at home, it will be more appropriate to raise a puppet cat. Because the puppet is a relatively docile cat, and he is a relatively domestic cat. It is not like other cats, and emotions are more excited.

  3. You can choose a cat with a docile personality, such as Burmese cats, Mumbai cats, and beautiful short cats. Be sure to repel deworming regularly, and pay attention to subsequent care.

  4. You can choose through the personality and habits of cats. Generally, children in the family are to choose a kitten who likes to be sticky. For example, puppet cats are very good.

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