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  1. British short -haired cats are the most popular pet cats on the market, ranking first among the most suitable cats.
    The short appearance is thick, and although it is proud, it is also very sticky. It may feel a little weird before it hair, but once his cheeks are successful, your face will become round.
    Pat cats are also called "fairy cats". They are one of the most expensive cats on the market. A pure puppet cat with a bloodline is at least tens of thousands. Started.
    Kim Jira is a kind of cat with noble temperament, and it is more suitable for breeding at home. Kim Jira has the name of the aristocracy in the cat, and there is a desire to protect people, and the price is more moderate.
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  2. There are a lot of cats, which brings a lot of troubles to friends who are preparing to raise cats. What cats are good for? It is important to choose a cat that suits you. Let's take a look at the analysis of Xiaobian.

    Egyptian cats
    First of all, it is not arrogant, cheerful, stable, more independent, willing to contact people, and short -haired cats are easier to raise. Such cats are strong, stable, and have strong ability to adapt to the environment. Most of them are low in the breeders. For parents, this type of cat is relatively easy to raise.

    . For example, the native cat, that is, ordinary hybrid cats. This cat has no valuable descent, but the body is strong, the body is strong, the body is not arrogant, and the character is cheerful and active. Compared with other precious cats, this cat is simpler and convenient to raise. The main thing is that the cats can better adapt to the rough management of parents and can better adapt to the changes in the environment and life.
    The valuable cats, pure blood -type cats, although cute and charming in appearance, but there are many manifestations. Proud personality and high requirements for the living environment. In addition, some long -haired cats need parents to take care of each day, and more short -haired cats can save these troubles (of course, regular cleaning and finishing are also necessary) to save more trouble for the owner.

  3. The native cats are not fun.
    Compared with compared with, the US Short and British Short Series is more suitable for the so -called "good raising"
    , but the price of beauty and British shortness is more. It's hard to buy well. It is difficult to buy pure below 5000, or it is a friend to send you. Either encounter a family owner. The purebreds I just said are all positive certificates and medals with prizes. If you win the championship or the first few descendants, you have to buy at least 10,000 yuan or even far away. This is to take the game or invest in. Generally, the so -called purebred bloodline beauty and British short series cats sold in many places in our domestic cat houses are called "high imitation" in my words. Essence "High imitation" is also a fake variety. Generally, in the breeding process, such as some pure beauty, short and pure English, and then this generation has a pure beauty short or English short. It is matched with the original species, and it is expected that its offspring will return to the original pure breed. In this way, other types of genes are mixed in the process of generation, which will cause genetic instability in future generations. What is genetic instability? For example, among the same nest kittens, some patterns should be as standard of pure breed, and the other of the same nest is flawed. The nose is normal, some noses are not short enough, and many details. What is worse is that some of the same variety of patterns and coats are displayed in the same nest kitten. Going up is the same variety. Essence Essence Therefore, when buying "high imitation", be sure to refer to the characteristics of the kitten's parents and whether the genetic genes of other kittens in the same nest are stable. The stable inheritance is that a nest kitten is the same as the parents, and the kittens are small. The more stable, it shows that the "high imitation" blood is as close to the purebred, which is a good foundation for judging its personality and body appearance in the future. Basic and authentic. Generally, the layman cannot see the difference! What I have raised now is the "high imitation" I have carefully selected. The price is more than half. The general price is around 2000, and the better thing is called "high imitation" and the price is slightly more 1,000. There is not much difference with the purebred competition level, that is, there is no blood permit and cannot participate. It is okay to take it for your own breeding, and sell it at most when you sell cats and cats. I don't want to invest in everything, I want to raise a fun cat. At that time, I chose an affordable point with such a mentality.
    In general, people raising cats means: I want a good cat, what good cat, good personality, good look, then buy "high imitation" enough. If you are to put on your face, or invest in this aspect, or to love purebred cat competitions.
    I my pure personal opinions, for reference

  4. In fact, the native cats are the best, good constitution, not easy to get sick, no need to take care, no matter which kind of cat, as long as you will raise it, it will not be kept, and the native cats are not easy to raise. Relatively speaking It is best to raise, short hair is better than long hair. Essence Essence It's as if a dog is better than pet dogs, why? Intersection Intersection The soil is not easy to get sick. Essence Essence The body's resistance is better than the pet level. Essence Essence The native cats are not worse than pet cats. Essence Essence Some native cats are so beautiful. Essence Don't believe you to find yourself. Essence

  5. The price is a bit luxurious: American short -haired cat (of course, there are also many types.)
    ordinary points: raccoon cats, tabby cats, native cats ...

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