1 thought on “How to make kitten clothes”

  1. The steps of the kitten clothes are:
    1. Choose a clean stockings with suitable size and lay on the table. The size of stockings can be determined according to the size of the cat.
    2. On the bottom of the socks (toe) of the socks of about three centimeters from the edge, cut the bottom of the socks.
    3. Adjust the socks in one direction and put it for yourself, cut a hole on the right side of about one -half (position of the heel). The size of the cave depends on the size of the cat’s legs. In order to prevent the cat’s sense of constraints, it can be appropriately left. After all, the socks are telescopic.
    4, in the corresponding position of the fourth step, that is, the same size of the same size on the left side of the socks.
    5, the bottom of the socks is the neckline of a cat clothes, and the small hole in the middle is the cuffs of cat clothes.

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