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  1. 1. Prepare before taking a bath
    (1) Cat special bathing fluid (can also be used to use Johnsona baby tear -free recipe bath liquid. Note: It is best not to use other people to use bath liquid, because cats will lick on the body Bathing liquid may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Never use shampoos to take a bath for cats! Fragrant residues can damage the cat's stomach. It also affects its skin and hair) Essence You can prepare a few more pieces, and it will be easier to dry out if you wipe it more. Those who have conditions can use a dedicated water absorption towel, which is better.
    (3) hair dryer. It is used to blow dry cats. If there is conditions, it is best to choose a mute heater. This noise is very small, and most cats can accept it. Let it be accustomed to sound slowly.
    (4) warm water.水温大约38-40摄氏度,可以盆洗(推荐) ,也可以用喷头冲洗(但水流不宜太冲) rnrn2、洗澡中的注意事项(洗澡之前最好也先把毛梳理Remove the dead hair again and more conveniently)
    (1) Do not take a bath for cats of less than three months, because they can easily catch a cold because of bathing or diarrhea, and it is easy to die because of this. (If the cats of less than three months are dirty, please wipe her with a wired hot towel.)
    (2) Do not wash your head directly with a sprinkler, and do not wash your head. It is very easy to cause otitis media in the cat's ears. It is recommended to wipe it directly with a wired hot towel, and it will be cleaner to wipe a few times.
    (3) Use hot air when blowing air, and turn on from the lowest air volume to avoid frightening the cat. And pay attention to step by step. When the hair dryer is turned on, the cat should be farther away from the cat. The cat is slightly stable and gradually approached her. You can gradually increase the air volume after the cat adapts, but be careful not to scal the cat.
    (4) It is best to use brush to carefully brush the hair (especially long hair cats) after blowing, so that the hair that falls off in the bath will not be licked by the cat, so as not to form a hair ball in the stomach. Affect the digestive system.
    (5) You can go to Fulaon after completely drying. If there are other cats at home, pay attention to the new cat for 24 hours. (Pay attention to warmth in winter)

    3, how to take a bath for cats
    (1) Wet the wetness below the neck. Hold the cat's neck with softness, so the cat will not jump out casually. (The strength of the left hand is not loose or tight. The cat does not breathe smoothly, and the head can still rotate, but it will not escape from your hand.) The right hand is watered, or the coat below the neck is soaked with a sprinkler.
    (2) Pour the appropriate amount of cats for cats on the cat's hair, and rub it into the hair with your hands to produce foam, carefully rub the paws, lower abdomen and tail hair. Rinse warm water until there is no foam. (After the cat I just took home for the first time, it was difficult to wash out the primary color. If your hands and feet are fast enough, the room temperature matters, and the cat is not overly resisting, you can connect to the last bath, and then rub the foam out of the foam. , Cleanly rinse. But if the room temperature is not enough, your hands and feet are slow, and the cat is not quiet, you need to wash her again after a period of time.)
    (3) Hold the cat out of the cat out of Gently and faster with your hands, put some water on the cat, and then wipe it with a dry towel to dry it as much as possible.
    (4) Use the lowest thermal gear of the hair dryer to blow the cat's hair, and use one hand to keep pulling the hair dryer to blow the hair dryer (just like we blow the hair). The air volume of the large hairpin, but be careful not to let the hot wind scal the cat.
    (5) When the cat's hair is seven or 80 % of the dry hair, you can use a brush to brush the hair again. At this time, the hair dropped at this time will be combed (the cat will not lick into the stomach to form gastrointestinal function. Mao Tuan). If the cat has hair knots, you can carefully cut off the obvious part with scissors (be careful not to cut the skin) with the help of someone's help. Things.

  2. 1. There is a web that is specially used for bathing. There is a very convenient cat on Taobao that it is convenient to run around when it is not washed. Put it directly in the washing pond
    3. Do not use soaps or human cleaning supplies or human cleaning supplies with pet gels or humans.
    5, if it is not honest, first cut the nails and grab the owner without hurting the owner
    Baship of these is not too hard to massage the cat. I will be very happy

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