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  1. The half-month-old milk cat needs to pay special attention to keep warm, try to keep the kitten's body temperature above 35 degrees, and feed the goat milk powder once at about 2-3 hours. After eating, gently massage the anus to help the excretion. The half -month -old milk cat feeding method and half a month of small milk cats should not eat other foods, and can only eat cat milk powder or goat milk; do not replace milk! Try the temperature at the wrist before brewing, with warmth as the best; feed 2ml-5ml at a time, and feed once every 2-3 hours; , Get up every 3 hours to feed it once.
    In half a month of small milk cats need to help excretion of small milk cats unable to excrete themselves, so generally female cats will lick the anus and urethra of the kitten. At this time And warm gauze or towels, gently massage the kitten's urethra (can be before and after drinking milk) and the anus to help stimulate excretion; normal small milk cat excrement should be thick paste or soft strips. If it is water -shaped, It is diluted. It is necessary to feed some probiotics to help regulate the stomach and pay attention to keeping warm.
    1-2 days is normal to have a bowel movement at a time. If you do not have a stool for more than 4 days, please seek a veterinarian for help.
    In half a month of small milk cats, the small milk cat cannot keep the body temperature. It must rely on external auxiliary tools such as small sun or warm water bottle. When using small sun, pay attention to temperature and distance, there must be room for kittens to move due to different temperatures. Do not use electric blankets, which may cause kitten dehydration. The warm water bottle must be paid attention to. Do not contact the kitten directly. You need to wrap it with a thick towel. If the insulation is improper, it may burn the kitten.
    In half a month of small milk cat cleaning and flea cannot help the milk cat bath, but you can wipe it with a towel or clean it locally, and you must blow dry the kitten as soon as possible. To help the little milk cat remove the fleas, you cannot use the commercially available flea drops or spray. Try to grab or use flea comb in your hands. It takes 45 days to use insect repellent. rn 半个月的小奶猫注意事项如果小奶猫有任何不正常状况如:不喝奶、呕吐、拉肚子、体温下降或上升、出血、流口水或鼻水、皮肤异常、精神不振、 If you have symptoms such as eye feces, please do not hesitate to be sent to a regular animal hospital for diagnosis and medical treatment (including night emergency).

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