Gansu can adopt healthy golden bears

I really like SS, I hope I can adopt SS that has always been healthy. I always feel that the outside is so dirty ~
Men everyone, priority consideration in Wuwei, Gansu. If you have any situation, please contact it.

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  1. It go to the flower and bird market
    The species name Golden Silk Bear
    The golden mouse was native to Syria, Lebanon, Israel and other places. After the introduction of the United States in 1938, it officially became pet
    Category: Spinal animal door mammalian rodent roding hamster family.
    Chinese translation name: Gold hamster
    English name: Golden Hamster
    Mizes of Hong Kong name: Golden Rats, Pearl Bear
    [Edit this paragraph] Change -20cm; Xiong 15cm-18cm.
    In weight: female 90g-150g; male 80G-130g.
    . The tail is 1.53cm.
    The is the most common with yellow body hair. It is larger than other hamsters than the face. There are different varieties, with long hair and short hairs. The number is the most hamster, and the body is the largest.
    [Edit this paragraph] Living environment
    This habitat: Gobi, desert/living alone.
    Temperature: 18 ℃ -26 ℃
    Humidity: 30%-40%
    If artificially under the bark
    [Edit this paragraph] Living habits
    Food: Omnisparable
    Stainer various weed seeds and food, occasionally hunting insects, the habit of storing food, not hibernating, stored foods for winter.
    If artificial feeding can feed raw melon seeds, peanuts, fruits, fruits, fruits, fruits , Bread worm and so on.
    The activity time: night.
    Life expectancy: 2-3 years.
    The temperament: more dignified, the earliest people of hamsters became human pets.
    [Edit this paragraph] growth and reproduction
    reproduction: February age mature, spring began in spring, 17-22 days of pregnancy, annual output of 3-5 tires, 4-8 babies per child, at most at most, you can at most, you can at most, you can at most. For 10.
    Please avoid the breeding of close relatives, which will cause the infinal of future generations and high mortality.
    Gender recognition: The distance between the male anal and the genitals is far away, and the testicles can be seen; the females are closer, and the nipples of adult mice are more obvious.
    [Edit this paragraph] Artificial breeding r
    · sufficient food and drinking water;
    · Clean mats-the most ideal of wood chips;
    . It is not recommended to take a bath with water, you can use a bath powder for sand bath;
    . In the cheeks, a large amount of fruits and sugar are not feeding, which will cause inflammation;
    . Sorting up for a special breeding box or items with transparent plastic; The noise may make it die suddenly;
    · To provide small wooden blocks for its grinding teeth
    This hamster's growth rate is amazing, and different changes are generated every day, but do not disturb the mother and rats in order to observe Oh.
    1. Just born: The just -born mouse is red and universal, and there are only some black (red -eyed mice in the eyes of the eyes cannot see the color), and the ears are also available. Before it grew, the mice could not be seen or heard at this time, just like a bright red meatball.
    2. One week after birth: Mouse rats one week after birth are still invisible and invisible, but at this time the mouse has a fetal hair. Like mom.
    3. Two weeks after birth: The hair color of the mice in the two weeks after birth will be more obvious, and at this time, a small crack will be cracked in the ears, which is the symbol of the rats of the ears. At the time, the mice can hear some sounds, and the eyes will slowly open (depending on a rat, some mice have opened their eyes at this time, and some are just half open). The two -week -old mice will also start eating some better bite feeds, but at this time, it still uses breast milk as a staple food. The second -week -old mouse has enhanced the activity, and often runs out of the adventure, so I often see the mouse mother very hard to find children everywhere.
    4. Three weeks after birth: Mouse three weeks after birth has been completely rats, and because the mice have grown up at this time, they often bite the mother and mouse during breast suction, so some some some At this time, the mouse will start to be willing to feed, but because the three weeks of the three -week mouse can basically eat it by themselves, so if the mouse does not feed, don't worry too much.
    One month after birth: Mouse born one month will start to prepare for a cage. If the mouse baby is big, if you do not distinguish, it may cause the dislike of the mouse, and some female rats will even attack the mice.
    This hamster babies from the mouse mother seemed to be very unprecedented, but in nature, this is quite normal. When the wild mouse grows up, the mother and rats will drive the mouse out of the nest to let him stand for his own portal. Now. (※ Remember that when the mouse mother was pregnant with the mouse, soaked some oatmeal for them to eat them. You can usually eat this to increase nutrition. Remember that the original oatmeal plus milk and milk in the microwave oven will change for 3 minutes to change for 3 minutes to change in 3 minutes. The one that becomes thick)
    [Edit this paragraph] Little gold silk bear breeding rules
    The first, not allowed to scold. Although the little gold silk bear is small, there is also self -esteem. Take care.
    Secondly, we must margin three meals a day, and the little gold silk bear must satisfy everything.
    Third, care about care for the little bear, not only to play with yourself , Play with the bear.
    Fourth, you can't always be a bear, you can only bite the bear, you can't bite the bear in the past, because the bear is too young, bites to death in a few times. And even if you bite it, even if you bite it. If you do n’t bite, you will be scared because of the psychological shadow, and you will be afraid of people and people in the future ...
    Fifth, you ca n’t say sweet words, you can cheat the bear, the little bear ’s heart can not stand this. Specific stimulation, although the little bear is small, but the IQ is high, it is easy to observe lies ..
    Sixth, you can't use it with one heart, don't raise other pets if you raise the bear If you are shopping, the bear will be jealous and angry, and you will start biting people ...
    Seventh, the bear can't go to her when sleeping, let her sleep well, or if she wakes up, she will mess up Bite.
    The eighth, can't pinch the bear's face, or the consequences are unimaginable ...
    Ninth, you can't be with the bear after eating beef ...

  2. Oh, there is a selling everywhere, isn't it a little mouse? You go to the bird market to see, there is absolutely 20 yuan.

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