Cat pair

Is there any male cat in the Anshan family in Liaoning? My kitten is in estrus!
It can't find a cat, want to find a object for her!

5 thoughts on “Cat pair”

  1. Is there a pet hospital near you? Intersection
    It, you will take her to see if you ask the doctor if you have to mate the cat
    , but if you mate, the price is not clear.
    It's request for your request

    or like this, you put the cat out and let her find an object outside. Soon, she will find objects outside At that time, I will call her home and bring the child with it, haha ​​~~
    The I hope your cat has a good child early, a team of football is right ~~ haha ​​~~

  2. Still do sterilization

    What to do with so many kittens

    if 1 and 2. Essence Can you raise
    5 6? Give away?
    If people do not want. Essence Is it an innocent little life and will be discarded

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