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  1. Wild cats can develop pet cats, but the wild cat itself is more vigilant and will have a certain amount of aggressiveness. In the process of domestication, you need to have sufficient patience and time. You need to act carefully. hurt. You can place a small amount of food in your palms to attract wild cats to eat. After it is familiar with the owner, you can tame and develop pet cats.
    Wild cats can develop pet cats
    Wild cats can develop pet cats, but wild cats are more sensitive, have strong vigilance, and will have certain aggressiveness, which can make wild cats generate to the human body to produce the human body. Relying on the psychology, gradually feel good about people, tame wild cats into pet cats. The process of domestication is cumbersome and complicated. It is necessary to treat wild cats into pet cats with heart.

    This cats require sufficient patience and time. Most of the wild cats will bless people to be vigilant and fearful. The guts are smaller than that of family cats. Do your own safety, otherwise it is easy to be caught by wild cats. You can let the wild cats familiar with people first, and feed them regularly to let it let it go down.

    In the process of feeding wild cats, you can call its name, hold the food to the palm of the palm, and then gently touch its head, use toys, food and other cats to try Training and accompanying play, more exchanges and interactions. When wild cats take the initiative to approach people, they can take home. After it fully adapts to the life of the home, it can tame and develop pet cats.

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