4 thoughts on “Almost all cats in the countryside are released. Don't worry about losing?”

  1. Don't worry, this is determined by the cat's personality. It may be because people living in rural areas are more enthusiastic and simple, and they are also good for cats. It usually eats small fish and shrimp, and the stove is open in winter. If there is a place that can give you heating, and you can provide three meals a day, then naturally you will not choose to leave, you will remember to go home.
    of course, in some cases, cats will get lost, but this situation is relatively small, so under what circumstances, cats will get lost? As I just said, cats are an animal that can recognize feelings, but if the owner of the cat always beats it, does not feed it, naturally, if someone meets someone outside and gives it benefits, then it will be Will follow others.
    Cats may also be lost. Cats without sterilization will look for the object of mating after estrus, and may get lost and forget the way home. But the countryside is very good, after all, the town is not very large, so it can find the way home. However, in cities, the situation is different: in high -rise buildings, if a cat is lost, he is likely not to come back. Cats are still very timid animals. They are very afraid of the voice of the car, and they may forget how to go home.
    But compared to the rural environment, it is still better than the city and the simple lifestyle, so cats rarely lose. You can say that cats are the most popular pets in the world. It is basically three times the number of dogs. The reason why cats are so loved are inseparable from its personality traits.
    Cats are not created by humans. To some extent, they are different from almost all poultry because they still dominate their lives. Most cats go where they want to go. The most important thing is that they can choose partners, unlike dogs.

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