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  1. Hello, first I hope you don't be too sad. I also have a partner animal. You can imagine how sad you are.
    In the situation you said, I believe it will not be caused by trauma, because cats are a very flexible animal. If she suffers from trauma, it must be avoided. The other party must be more flexible than her more flexible than her A stronger posture appears, there is no obvious trauma (if so, I believe you have a conclusion), so the reason why you can't move and not stand up must be due to poisoning.
    This dogs took a half more at a time when I was half a year old, and it was poisoned at the time. Symptoms are the same as her. Shining under the stove, shook her tail when she called her, but did not move and did not live. I fed her at the time to feed her licorice soup. The doctor did not tell you the reason because he died after being sent. In their opinion, the owner would not care about the reason. Anyway, he was dead, so he did not take a further test to prove the cause of the cat's death.
    It hope to help you.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer whether the cat has any abnormal symptoms before the death of the catnSudden brain diseases, acute meningus, encephalitis, cerebral edema, and cerebral hemorrhage can cause cats to die suddenlynWhy did the cats who fostered in the pet shop during the National Day holiday suddenly died suddenly?nThey said that Tmall suddenly vomited and diarrhea, and they gave treatment yesterday, and then died, saying that it was a cat plague. I doubt thisnThe answer must be that the pet shop does not take care of the cat plague. It is fatal. The mortality rate of cat plague is 90%.nThe question is that the cat plague is not so fast, right?nThey said that the day before yesterday, I died yesterday, and I went to pick it up last night.nIsn't cat plague transmitted? So why are other cats in their shop okay?nIsn't cat plague transmitted? So why are other cats in their shop okay?nAnswer, if there is no treatment, the acute cat plague will die in one or two daysnAsk I saw the dead cat yesterday, and my body was very wet. There was no obvious trace of Tara at the corner of my mouth and buttocks.nAnswer, if the cat in the pet shop is okay, they lie to the cat plague infectednQuestion means that the cat does not get a cat plaguenAnswer according to your description, there may be no trace of Tura may be that they are lyingn12 morenBleak

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