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Cangyue, October, September, and Liu Xing! Intersection

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  1. Ryuhan: The actor, originally a rich man, was originally stolen "Lagerstroemia" because of September, which caused his father's security company to close. Liu Xing's cruel parents left him to escape alone. Fortunately, the heroine Lan Xue (September Tian) rescued the huge amount, but he was also reduced to Lanxue's "female" maid, vowing to catch September God has a good opinion of some elements in September. And he didn't know that Lan Xue was September, and he was hovering between September and Lan Xue. When performing a mission in the Malacca Strait, it stimulated the sixth sense due to a misunderstanding and injured September. After returning to VV College and heading to New York. After the New York crisis, he went to Casablanca, North Africa to meet and prepare to develop seventh sense. Prophecy: The wind of September is gently blew, and it is the taste of love, but you don't know around you! Dangerous tasks ... The betrayer pushed us to the abyss. This is the longest night. We can no longer see dawn ... Lan Xue (September September, Black Moon Iron Rider -September): Actress. It is a rich lady who spends money like a flowing water (mostly the money replaced by the things he stolen). In fact, it is the famous international thief September Tian. I bought the villa of Liu Xing's family for 100 million days. After debt, and naughtyly, Liu Xing was dressed as his own "female" helper-Cinderella, and had an indescribable relationship with Ryuhan. There is a pet cat named "Little" personality: Strong and brave, like pranks (such as playing with Ryuhan) confident and cute. Seventh sense: Special long: eaves walking wall, 10 seconds to change the stunt. Preference: Treasures of various countries with the root causes with Gu Sailan culture, designing hairstyles for Xiaoyu, and "maids" at home. PS: Former Heiyue Iron Rider was separated from the organization for unknown reasons.
    January Gender: Female character: Silent little girl, the cute appearance hides terrible power under the cute appearance. Worship October Brother. Seventh sense: It is a very dangerous skill to control the explosion of objects that I have contacted through brain waves. In fact, she will not only control the bolt of lollipops. Weapon: Lollipop with rich taste. Praise: Strange taste lollipop, October brother's smiley face. PS: When the greedy wolf and the broken army rescued Cangyue, they were fainted and taken away by the broken army. So far with Cangyue and others, life and death are unknown. February February Gender: Male Personality: Very arrogant, fierce, simple and straightforward. Seventh sense: Know the beast language and have the ability to communicate with animal. You can control the animals through spiritual power, so any animal can become his eyeliner and tools within his ability! Weapons: Falcon, Viper, Black Wolf. Preference:: All kinds of animals and beauties. PS: It was killed by Lilith with illusions, and was rescued by the greedy wolf (according to the prophecy, it was still trapped by Lilith's illusion after February rescue, in the illusion) prediction: In the heart of the red, black wings will take away your life, whether you wake up and decide on your own ... March March Gender: Male character: cold, war, loyalty, Mr. K. Advocate power! Seventh sense: not yet developed ... (It is said that the power after development will be terrible ...) Weapon: Poker of the Black Moon Iron Rider. Praise: The color of blood, the desperate expression of the enemy. P.S.: Frequent operations with April and good at assassination. Following the eyeliner of Lucifer in New York, a white -haired witch appeared in March to save her! Intersection Prophecy: Six wings are unfolding behind you, dark as night, Satan gives you strength, your right is second only to God ... April April Gender: Women's character: Strict thinking, calmness, random response ability strong! Seventh sense! : Not developed ... Weapon: Tengla. Preference: continuous rainy days. PS: Frequent operations with March and good organization plans. Because Lucifer was going to work, he was injured by Tang Long, and was brought back to the lost paradise by the falling angel dove and Samuel. At present, it is located in the garden
    If Gender: Men's character: calm and perseverance, there is a stubborn heart, dare to sacrifice for companions. Seventh sense: Body petrochemical weapon: Multi -function rifle preference: curry rice Brazil Brazil Barbecue PS: was killed by Marstma, and later saved by the greedy wolf Gender: Women's character: hot and unrestrained, some idiots (such as October) and a little narcissistic ... Seventh sense: Has control control The ability of sound waves can master the enemy's movement through the night's reflection, and even complete the task that can only be completed by the sound instrument. Weapon: Sound attack preference: Classical music PS: because the sandworm that turns into a sandworm has no hearing. Kill, after being rescued by the greedy wolf Gender: Men: Fravise, focus. There is the temperament of the artist and likes everything. The seventh sense: you can convert the electronics in the air into a protective screen. It is a person with the strongest defense capabilities in the Black Moon Iron Rider. Nothing and nuclear weapons cannot penetrate. Attacking the same attack: absolute defense -rapid expansion weapon: no preference: artwork PS during the Renaissance: was killed by the moment of nightingale movement, and then rescued by the greedy wolf This is related to her seventh sense.) The seventh sense of analysis and reasoning: The ability to see through the human heart-read-minded (can be used to predict the opponent's action) Weapon: No preference: Detective novels Bullying July PS: Carmen Cat Change After that, it became a beast that rely on instinct to attack, so he was killed. Later, he was rescued by the greedy wolf October (male No. 2) Gender: Male character: easy -going, kind. .. Seventh sense: The ability to control the fire, currently using Chi (Chi) Red Lotus, Blazing Turtle Dove, Yanlong's Anger, Wanxiao Buddha Seal, Brahma, and Flowers on the other side. String weakness: Fear of girls' tears Note: Like September PS: It always gives people an October that the big sun -light boy feels, but for the opponent, it exists like death ... Finally, Lilith killed ten in the illusion. Yue said in September holding Lilith in September, "Chi Xiuro will burn my pupils. I should never see you again ... I don’t have the courage to break the illusion, it is useless, right? It can be eternal at this moment, I am willing to exchange with life ... "
    Gender of the moon: Female character: Unable to confirm the introduction: Because the body lives in the cultivation tank from an early age to maintain the life of life by life, the brain domain is connected to the computer, the brain domain is connected to the computer, the brain is connected to the computer, the brain is connected to the computer, the brain is connected to the computer, the brain is connected to the computer. You can gain the knowledge of the human world endlessly. You can only survive for 12 days in the outside world, so Mr. K will not send her to perform the task before the critical moment. Has been developed to the 8th sense! Seventh sense: The ability to control ice Eighth sense: open time and space door PS: Although knowledge is rich and the language of hundreds of countries, but because there is no chance to contact the outside world, it will not be in contact with the outside world. Express his emotions ... accept his memory and ability sent by Dr. Amy. Will lead the VV Academy. But after waking up, I fell in love with cooking and coquettishness!? Xuanyue (Lucifer) Personality: Unknown, fascinated characters, seemingly a person who has no choice for the purpose! Seventh sense: spiritual control, through monitoring of brain waves, monitoring brain waves, monitoring of brain waves When you know the position of the enemy, you can also control the falling angel through the brain waves (you can be sure that he has more than one power, but other abilities are unknown) preference: unknown PS: former Black Moon Iron Rider. The ace of Mr. K's assistant, the Black Moon Iron Riding. After unknown reasons, separated. First, find the earth palace and set up a trap. It is not known exactly what the secret treasure he took away from the earth palace ... and snatched the compass and the scepter. Note: Black Moon Iron Riding in January and Cangyue was taken away by VV Academy; February, May, June, July, August, and October were killed by angels, but was rescued by greedy wolves and transferred to unknown time and space Essence Mr. K: The characters who control the Black Moon Railway behind the scenes reveal a half -face in the 16th round and appeared in the 53rd (it should be said that he has not officially appeared yet). It is a ambitious family. From the so -called evil spirits 9000 years ago, he has many mysterious power and secret about the ancient kingdom.
    The fallen angels: Yidan (Pinyin ZHI) General: Male, the seventh sense is everything in the field of view (called "magic eye"). The weapon is a gun (armor -piercing) nightingale: male, the seventh sense moves instantly (can be moved with others), killing July. Carmen: Female, the seventh sense is a cat change (beast that attacked by instinct), killing August. It seems that it is a bit interesting to Mr. greedy wolf: male, non -combat type, virus, seventh sense is unclear (he uses the virus to speed up the rehabilitation progress in April) After using the wind dance and mad dragon, the scepter sent by Lucifer to escort the dove (with April) to lose the park. Lilith: Night Witch, killed February and October with the magic of charm (in October just do not want to break the beautiful illusion) Achequ: Male, the seventh sense is to change the appearance (bone) and become Lucifer's injury injury Dongte. The arm will be lengthened and grab the greedy wolf. Can increase bone resistance. The twelfth falling angel; male, appeared in Casablanca, the name and ability are unknown, and they are looking for the whereabouts of Cangyue. Lucy: The captain of the former special forces, went to losing the paradise to perform the task, the white hair witch, the seventh sense is to control the hair, strangled the trick -3,000 feet in white hair, please go to the park with her to kill Lucifer in March! Intersection Death Fallen Angel: Aba Dong: Male, the seventh sense is the pupils of Merusha (the person who sees the pupils of Merysham will be petrified), petrifys Dongte, and petrocolizes Tang Long in order to kill October. Finally killed in October. Masterma: Male, the seventh sense density control, density is harder than Petrochemical May, killed May, but was killed by October. Sandworm: Male, the seventh sense is transformed into a sandworm monster, killed in June, and was burned to Tang Long in October: Male, using a long knife, once used the moves of dragon teeth to cut off the wind, the seventh feeling is to make His gas solidifies and injured April. He was broken after October by Aba Dong Petrochemical. Music command: Male, the seventh sense is to spread the virus, and control the zombie with music. Male was burned in October: The seventh feeling is to spit out the spiders that can explode from the mouth, create an aircraft explosion, kill the red moon and Ayou, and be being killed. Lucy's killing machine gun man with "white hair": seventh sense to the left hand to become a machine gun, besieged March, and was killed by Lucy for "white hair" for the mask: The seventh sense is to release neurotransham gas, siege March in March The scorpion man was killed by Lucy for "3 Three Thousands of Frames": The Seventh Scorpion changed, a scorpion tail, besieged in March, and was killed by Lucy for "3,000 feet in white hair"
    q: Yes In September, September Tian's private doctor and consultant, he knows that any action in September Tian is a mysterious scientist and often creates some interesting small things, such as "Ding Dangcat monitor". Quinn Dongte: Male, when he went to perform a mission in September, he was misunderstood by Ruixing and was beaten into the sea by the broken army. A rumored pirate, who was fierce, betrayed his soul to Lucifer in order to help his sister protect the village. But the facts were very infatuated and trustworthy, but later they were killed by the falling angels in order to save September. They were rescued by the greedy wolf. It should also be said to be a perfect ending. Lia Dongte: Quen Dongte's sister, protector of the fishing village, depended on his brother. For the fishing village, the pirate was cut off his arm. Ajie: Yuki's green bamboo horse. The group of Liu Xing went to New York to perform the task, and the singer I saw, Ajie, but was controlled by the fallen angel as a shepherd zombie .. Finally, in order to save others .. .., finally with Yixi, a successful ending .... Youxi: A reporter in Paris sold those survivors to save Ajie, but they were all to save Ajie. Because of the appearance of the falling angels, she broke the happy life of her and Ajie. The three -person group: Dazhuang, Xiaofei, buns. They used to be the employee of the company of Liuxing. Tamida: The descendants of the kind and brave Gu Sailan kingdom lived in the desert with grandma, and turned into the "September Sky" to stole the family treasure, and then fell in love with Liu Xing. Basidal Priest: Grandma of Tamida, the guardians of the Kingdom of Gu Silan, sacrificed for Lanxue and October. Frank: Director of the New York Police Department assisted the VV Academy for investigation. Dreams traveling around the world with grandson, died of plane crash.

  2. Liu Xing

    The seventh sense: The technique of Yueyun
    has used tricks: Yunyong Boxing, Ji Ji, Black Cloud Blade, Liuyun Shield, Cloud Blood, Black Cloud Storm. The outbreak of the hell eruption will make the white clouds and dark clouds, and the power is strengthened, and its own speed is strengthened.
    The state of blackening: Black Devils
    cp: Jiulu Cangliu Ten Ryu (BL)
    Capricorn: Capricorn
    Introduction: The comic "Stealing Star in the Wonders" The actor of September ", a kind and simple teenager. Originally the rich master, he stole the "Lagerstroemia Star" in September, and his father's security company closed down. His parents left him alone to escape Lanxue (September, September, September) to rescue the huge amount, but he was also reduced to Lan Xue's "maid"-Cinderella, and vowed to catch September heaven, Although Qi Chou relying on his nose to smell Lan Xue in September, he did not believe or believe it. It can always play an important role in the critical moment, and has a hazy feelings for Xiaoxue. Will do their best to protect everyone.
    Personality: Simply brave and persistent
    Experience: Because of September, the "Lagerstroemia Star" was stolen in September, and his father's security company closed down. The dream is to catch September, and then confess to Lanxue. After arrested September, he decided to take the VV Academy's exam many times and became a detective. When performing the mission in the Malacca Strait, I thought September Tian Tian killed the students of the VV Academy. The anger inspired the sixth sense and injured September. After returning to VV College, I learned that my friend did not die and went to New York to perform the task. After the New York crisis was over, he received a convening order from the VV Academy to meet with Hongyue and Ayou to Casablanca, North Africa. Essence But this also stimulates his determination to develop seventh sense! When I came to Casaba with VV Academy, I accidentally found that Qi Chou was with the VV Academy! It turns out that he is Mr. greedy wolf! After encountering the gang of the desert bandit, the 12th fell angel Liuli showed his identity. The greedy wolf and fainted in January, and the September day of September of the September of September was complained. Through the test of Cangyue, the seventh sense of Yuyun was successfully developed, and the greedy wolf and others came to the ancient city of the ancient Yan Kingdom. In October, they took September to rescue October when they were described with 800,000 barbaric troops. When everyone was about to return to the world, I accidentally found that Xiaozi was pretending to be Liuli! Liuli summoned the people in the mirror and wanted to catch the black moon iron riding, but Lilith used illusion to save everyone. Lilith was coma by the chief secretary, and Ryuhair returned to the present world with Lilith. In the "maid's hut", the falling angel raid. In October, the army broke the army, and the greedy wolf covered the crowd to break through, but because of the strong gravity of Heinz, there was no chance. To save them, drink the blood of hell! Stop the heartbeat, Wuqu helped Liu Xing to be a heart recovery, and woke up at the moment when the greedy wolf was about to be killed! The incarnation of the demon, instantly seriously injured Heinz. Listening to the greedy wolf also suspected that Xiaoxue was September, I decided to go home to see. Suddenly someone was coming, the blood of hell broke out, and rescued Xiaoxue, but lost the gift, but the seventh sense of Xiaoxue turned a huge huge. The heart -shaped cloud. He was seriously injured by the Green Gray 6 of the Dark Moon Team, launched the blood of hell, and injured Youlan No. 10. Due to the defeat of the crowd, he was robbed. K was shoved by K in September. At present, he came to deal with a group of people in Cangyue. In order to protect September, K was knocked down with a flash, and then rescued September under the cover of the army. Later, he learned that the broken army was dead in September and was thrown aside by September. In September, he was besieged by the Dark Moon Team. Liu Xingyuyun created a super tornado and blocked all the offense! In the tornado barrier, Liu Xingdao produced the secrets of surrender K -manufacturing opportunities to rescue September and help develop the seventh sense of September! Ruixing used flesh and blood as a chip to wake up the soul of the hell demon and fight against the dark moon team. Killing Orange No. 5, besieged by the second, fourth, fourth, tenth, was dragged into the demon world by the abyss devil that was summoned by the Four.
    Is prediction: The wind of September is gently blowing, it is the taste of love, but you do n’t know the dangerous task around you ... The betrayer (Yijie was deceived by the bad guys) to the abyss, This is the longest night, we can no longer see dawn ... (prediction to be broken by the death of the zombie Ajie)
    n September
    Constellation: Virgo
    Also known as: September Tianlan Snow
    Gender: On the surface is a rich lady who spends money like flowing water. In September, when you start the street, you can ignore anything, which can be called shopping mad. I bought the villa of the Ryuhair family at 100 million sky -high prices and dressed Luxing as her own "female" domestic helper. There is a pet cat named "Little". The former Black Moon Iron Rider is now out of the organization because of K.
    Personality: brave, strong, self -confident and cute, occasionally black
    Seventh sense: 驭 光
    Special long: eaves walking wall, instantaneous dressing, molecular reorganization, stealing things (international thief!) r)
    favorite clothes: cute, sexy, warm color system.
    Plords: collect treasures, shopping, design hairstyles for Xiaoyu, "teasing" in home Star)
    cp: Ninety -nine Ryu and Nine You (Youlan No. 10)
    Experience: With the help of Dr. Q and the priest of Baghidal, find the earth palace, and the Black Moon Iron Rider followed. But Lucifer rushed to the ground palace and set up a trap. The seventh sense space replacement of Basidal priests with life will be replaced in September and October. After returning from the Bay of Persia, help Liu Xing join the VV Academy. From the VV Academy to get the scepter of the Kafir Emperor, and rushed to the Malacca Strait, he fell into the sea because of accidents, received pirates Quinon Dongte rescue. Ma, Aba Dong, Ace rushed to catch September, Quine Dongte sacrificed in September (rescued by Mr. greedy wolf, but amnesia) and went to New York with the Ryuhan Corps. After the New York crisis, he went to the Sahara Desert with Dr. Q. The former Heiyue Island has been razed to the ground, and the place where there are too many memories can no longer be found. In order to find the Black Moon Iron Rider, he rushed to Casablanca to meet with VV College. After the arrival of Dr. Q in September, he rescued VV Academy, praised the brave stars, and then looked for the black moon iron riding that lost his space. After coming to the different space in October, I used the tiger to save Cangyue and others with Tiger Faculty in October. Essence Determined to fight side by side with October to defend the Yan Kingdom. When protecting the people to Shanhaiguan, I learned that when I was fighting with 800,000 troops in October, they quickly rushed to rescue. In October, I returned to the present world with everyone after being rescued by September, headed to Poseidon East, and in the same boat with Xuanyue. After being invaded into Mr. Q's system, he was caught by Zi Xun 9! When fighting with K, use molecular reorganization, be injured and imprisoned by K, and was locked up in the cultivation solution like Cangyue before! (In October, use the body to exchange it, so that the nerve lock on September is taken out.) Later, he gradually resumed consciousness and was rescued by Liu Xing! To awaken October that the soul was sneaked into K, under the command of the army, it was rescued by Liu Xing. Because he knew that the broken army (handsome) was dead, he slapped Luxing, and decided to save the broken army, but was stopped by No. 7, 8, and No. 9. In September, the Dark Moon Team was besieged, and Liu Xing Yuyun created a super tornado, blocking all the attacks! In the tornado barrier, Liu Xingdao produced the secrets of surrender K -manufacturing opportunities to rescue September and help develop the seventh sense of September! Liu Xing was sent away in September with a tornado.
    Folding October
    Birthday: September 15th (one day in September)
    October October
    Constellation: Virgo
    Uncooler: Yan Yan: Yan Yan October
    Gender: Male character: kind and gentle, strong, brave, cold to the enemy.
    represents flowers: the other shore flower (the pattern on the back when the seventh sense is fully opened)
    This seventh sense: the technique of control. At present, I have used Blazing Red Lotus, Blazing Turtle Dove, Yanlong's Wrath, Fragrance Buddhist Seal, Brahma, Flowers on the other side, Santu River flower, rock -burning volcano, spinning dragon, Chi Xiuluo — fire pupils, fire systems ——In the king of Ming
    Special long. Baking skewers.
    The seventh sense: Chi Xiuluo -Fire burning pupils (high temperature will burn the retina, open the thermal sensing system) The ultimate meaning of the fire —
    Is weaknesses: afraid of girls' tears.
    cp: Ninety Ten Ryu (BL) Li Ten
    always gives people an October where the big sun feels like, but it exists like death for the opponent, and it is called the fire of hell.
    In experience: When encountering danger of the Persian Gulf Palace, the Bagas priest opened the seventh sense of life to save him and September. September was left to find September when the Malacca Strait was executed. The identity in the world is the ten princes: the real ten princes were rescued by a hunter, and the amnesia that happened to appear in October was regarded as the ten princes. Leading Yanyun Eighteen Riding and regarded September as a foreign country. When passing by, he was led by Yu Chang's assassination of the black witch, and he was regarded as a companion who was a rebel. The group of peers was also placed under house arrest, and only in October was not trapped. Although I lost a period of memory, I still shouted the names of September and Liu Xing in the dream ... The next day I met the tiger charter when I went to the tiger symbol the next September, and got it from the deputy "ghost". Tiger symbol, rescue companions. Drinking in the tower in September that night, he was attacked by a toad monster. In September, he was injured by the toad monster in September. At this time, he subconsciously shouted "September"! He went to the September September to save the snake gallbladder and fight with the nine princes of the white witch. When he returned to the city to learn that his companion died, he was extremely sad and determined to guard the Yan Kingdom. In the battle with the nine princes, he killed the nine princes with fire, and followed the wishes of the nine princes to kill the white witch. Then sent a flying blade to make a breakthrough as his own. The 800,000 barbarian army invaded, and the Magic City has become the last city of the Dayan Kingdom to take refuge in the sea. October resolutely provoked the heavy responsibility of protecting the people in October to let the people from the Matsuster City out of risk, single -out 800,000 army! Three days and nights of blood battles, the scenes of the past in the battle recalling recovery, the phoenix reborn in the ashes, the highest meaning of the uprightness in October — does not move the King of Ming Dynasty and repellerate the barbaric army! ... After arriving in September and Liu Xing, I was almost caught because Liuli summoned the person in the mirror because of overly tiredness, but was rescued by Lili silk. After waking up, I will return to the present world with everyone. After returning to the current world to lift the seal, he learned from Liu Xing. After being surrounded by the "maid's hut", the "Frace of Yanlong" fought with Heinz. After Hinez was injured by the blackened Ryuhane, the gravity failed, and in October, he came to rescue the silly star controlled by the blood of hell. After coming to the duel of the corner field, he arrived at the Emperor Poseidon and met the Dark Moon Team at the hotel in Poseidon. After being arrested in September, he was rescued alone and was brought back to K by the Vast No. 7 uniform to K. The body collapsed K was threatened with September's life. After invading the soul from October (the condition is to remove the neural lock in September in September), she was awakened in September in an instant, and she asked her to leave. Then K was killed by his body with his body. Lilith came to K in October to save in October. K, threatened by Lilith, used October's body as a bait, prompting Lilith to yield. At present, he came to the Black Moon Base with Lilith and proposed the conditions for resurrection in March.
    Is prediction: The death of the red pupil is not expected, the black moon meteorite falls into the sky, the angry fire turns you into ashes, but the phoenix is ​​reborn in the ashes!
    The interpretation: The arrival of Lucifer watched the Black Moon Iron Riding the whole army. After using the Chi Xiuluo, it was death, but you will be reborn in love.
    Birthday: August 15
    Ice Cangyue
    Constellation: announced on Cangyue birthday and constellation MK, please do not change it !)
    New name: Tsang-MONTHICE
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Queen, Royal Sister, Loli (when it becomes a child), cold and cold inside inside, inside and inside the inside. : Grew up in the cultivation solution since childhood, rely on life solution to maintain system and maintain life. The brain domain is connected to the computer and can gain infinite knowledge of the human world. It can only survive for 12 days in the outside world, so Mr. K will not send her to perform the task before the critical moment.
    The seventh sense: the ability to control ice, control the ability of ice. The current tricks are used: the world, only I am alone, the wings of the ice, the Ice mirror reflection, the wolf teeth, the thousand -handed Guanyin, the cold and the aurora, the south cross star shield, Kowloon Xuanbing, absolute zero, ice rose, ice Ling double sword, cold sword, cold, cold, cold Bing Xuan Gong, Bing Cang Emperor Dragon, the world in the world, only I am independent
    The kiss of the wine god: maintain the best necklace of alcohol in the moon. ——Buimi manufacturing (now the pianist who is squeezed by the seventh sense of the blue and gray 6th is shattered)
    The eighth sense: the door of different dimensions, time and space conversion (opening time and space door)
    cp: Cangxuan: Cangxuan Greedy Cangliu
    ps: Dr. Amy sent her to her memory, ability, etc., and the fragile body is protected by Dr. Amy's ability, which can act normally in the outside world.
    In experience: descendants and geniuses of the royal family. When the Black Moon Iron Rider was trapped in the Palace of the Earth Palace, he rushed and rescued the Black Moon Tieqi. On the eve of Xuanyue (Lucifer) led the twelve fallen angels to siege the Black Moon Island, he was taken from the Black Moon Island to the VV Academy base by the greedy wolf and the broken army. After getting the ability and memory given by Dr. Amy to become the new BOSS of the VV Academy, because of the integration with Dr. Amy's cells, she lacked some tacit understanding. After waking up, she became a wayward child ... … After receiving the power test, she was found to have no signs of seventh sense. Later, due to thirst, drinking the wine with Dr. Amy's cells was successfully fused, and it officially became the BOSS of VV Academy. Use the trick "the world and the world, only I am alone" killing 300 damaged and falling angels. When the VV College crossed the desert, he encountered the gang of desert controlled by Liuli and Ying Cang, and Cangyue became a wayward child! Relying on wine -hearted chocolate again, and helping Liu Xing, Giant Gate, Lu Cun developed seventh sense. Because the wine heart chocolate after eating and not resonating the wine in the different dimensions of the dimension, he turned back to the child again and was arrested as a associate of Yu Chang. The rescued by Lu Xing, who was rushed, served the wine -hearted chocolate brought by Liu Xing, changed another personality, played the eighth sense under the action of wine heart chocolate, and started the "different dimension door". Due to the lack of time in the world, it turned back to the child's personality again. Fortunately, the greedy wolf copied this function in time and returned to the present world safely. Go in front of you to challenge Xuanyue and falling angels! After knocking down all the fallen angels, he was permanently hypnotized by a mysterious boy. The greedy wolf rushed to the rescue and brought Cangyue back to everyone. After waking up, Cangyue rescued and helped the Airship of March 'and in April with ice birds to catch up with gold. When the "Thousand Hands Guanyin" was used to rescue April in March and stopped the violent state in March. Find the final element stone. Back to Black Moon Island with the Gate of Dimension. He defeated the artificial man with "I am only me in the world" and learned that "Karencaa" had a strange dream and embarked on the journey to save the world. The "Bing Cang Emperor Dragon" attacked the country center of the shadow, and was accidentally hit by the blue and gray 6th, shattered the kiss of the wine god, and returned to the state of loli.

  3. September is the first heroine of "Stealing Star September". She is a good girl in front of Liu Xing. Secret.
    Tell: September September September September September Xiaoxue Xiaojiu
    Birthday: September 16
    Constellation: Virgo
    Seventh sense: N Special: The eaves go to the wall, the molecular reorganization, and instantly changes.
    The preference: The treasures of various countries with the origin of Gu Silan culture and design hairstyles for "small 孬" for pet cats. Foil the "maid" Liu Xing at home.
    Birthday: August 15
    Constellation: Leo Known: Tsang-MONTH Ice
    Personality: Queen's version of Royal Sister, Loli version cute.
    The profile: The descendants and genius of the royal family, grew up in the cultivation solution, can only survive for 12 days in the outside world. At the crisis, Mr. K will not send her to perform the task. Amy's power resonates with the kindness and innocence deep in Cangyue's heart, producing loli Cangyue, and alcohol can maintain the queen's state. Now the two souls have been separated. Loli is a soul state and has died. Seventh sense: Queen ① Treatment of energy wave ② control of ice and control of ice. Loli: Extremely cure energy wave. The eighth sense: The door of time and space
    October is one of the leading actors in the Black Moon Iron Rider in "September September Sky".
    Birthday: September 15 Constellation: Virgo is called October Gender: Male Personality: Catering, gentle, brave, good representative Flower: Seventh sense of Fire Fire Turtle dove, Yanlong's anger, 卍 • • Great Brahma, the other side of the other side. The seventh sense is all the booming Luo Luo; the highest mysteries -the weakness of the King of the Ming Dynasty, the spinning dragon, and the rock burning volcano: afraid of the tears of girls, especially in September.
    Liu Xingliu Xing: "Stealing Star September Sky" actor. Birthday: December 21 Constellation: Sagittarius. Do n’t say: Ryu hat silly star Black Demon Cinderella Geylon Gender: Male identity: VV College Detective Brief introduction: ordinary teenagers who are involved in saving world incidents Human drinking the blood of hell has a seventh sense. In order to rescue September, when the Dark Moon Team was downtime, the abyss demon released by Mo Ming 4 was swallowed and was inhaled into the dark world. Personality is simple and brave. Seventh sense: Yuyunzhi, Etar tricks: Yunyong boxing, gathering, black cloud blade, Liuyun shield, controlling clouds, black cloud storms, cloud wolves, black clouds, clouds, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell Blood.

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