The pet shop next to the home recommends that the cat food is recommended. Have this food fed?

Have you ever feeded the cat food of Jian? The owner said that it was fresh meat fermentation function. Can the cats with 3 months old eat it?

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  1. After a period of time, you can, the cost -effective is quite high.
    3 months of cats can be eaten. If the digestion is not good, you can eat kitten food if you do n’t have a good mouth. A healthier cat is definitely not a problem to eat the whole phase of food. I remember that Jian Zi is all in the whole phase of food and kitten food. Fresh meat fermentation is a little better than ordinary puffed grain nutrition, and more water, because puffed grains are mainly formed through high temperature molding, and the nutrition and water loss are more serious. Cats do not like to drink water, and the grain fermented with fresh meat is more or less than puffed more to replenish the cat. Usually feeding can be mixed with dry food and wet food. The cat really does not like to drink water to add water to the grain, forcing it to drink water, otherwise it is easy to cause inflammation or even kidney stones in the later period.
    The functional food is that he has divided the urinary and intestines, and I bought the stomach. The main ingredients of this grain still look relatively stable, without grain. The cat digestive tract is relatively short, and the grain is not easy to absorb, and it is easy to soft diarrhea. Generally speaking, it is still possible.

  2. I was also by the pet shop owner Amway (laughing and crying here). The 3 -month -old cat belongs to a kitten. If the cat's immunity or the gastrointestinal is fragile, try his immune cat milk cake. However, the cat food of Jianfu also has full -phase food, which is divided into functional foods that specialize in protecting the urinary and gastrointestinal. Cats with 3 months of large cats should be fine. You can choose which one to choose for the specific conditions of your cat. I bought the protective urinary model I bought for my cat, because my own meow master did not like to drink water, and the toilet was not very good and often constipated. Fresh meat fermentation refers to mixing the raw materials in cat food, add probiotics and digestive enzymes to ferment. The nutrition is preserved better than the traditional puffed cat food and more water. And this cat food has a faint natural fishy smell, without the particularly rich salty fragrance. Visually, there is no excessive fragrance. The first few of the ingredients are fish fresh meat (not meat powder!). It is estimated that because of this, my cat eats very cheerfully. The price is not expensive. The medium price of 20 /500G is very cost -effective and can be tried.

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