5 thoughts on “Will the color change when the kitten grows up?”

  1. Will not. The color of the cat has the decision of the parents. What color is born, what color is, it will not change.
    Cats, belonging to the family of cats, separated cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats that originated in ancient Egypt. Persian Cats of Persia have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs).
    The general cat: round head, short face, five fingers of the forelimb, four toes of the hind limbs, sharp and curved claws at the end of the toe, and the claws can tease and shrink. Nights.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat's toe, so as not to make a sound when walking, and it will not start running the mouse when hunting. When traveling, the paws are in a contraction state to prevent the claws from being blunt, and it will extend when the mouse catcher and rock climbing.

  2. Will change color!

    It don't know why your kitten has gray, maybe it is hidden inheritance?

    . But I had a cat before, and most of them were black and a small part of them were yellow.
    Plash when you grow up! There are almost many black ones, most of them are yellow. When it grows up, it can be clearly seen that the hair that grows out is yellow. Essence

    The colors of your kitten when you grow up. Essence

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello [Happy], I am inquiring for you, please wait a while, I will reply to you immediately ~ [Flowers] [Flowers] [Flowers]nHello, very happy to warm the home, the hair color will change when the cat grows upnWhen the kitten grows up, the hair will generally change color, but there are also a few kittens that will not change color, and the kitten will continue to take off the tire hair when growing. Therefore, we need to take a bath and sort out the hair regularly. Keep your nutritional balance, and take the kitten to take the sun often, so as to ensure that the hair grows better.nWhen the kitten just born, its fetal hair will gradually fall off, replace new hair, and ask if the kitten grows when it grows up. Most kitten hair will change color, and a few will not change color. If the cat does not take a bath for a long time, the cat will also have a taste, and the hair will look yellow and rough. Therefore, you need to take a bath regularly, but if you take a bath for the cat, you can't wash too much. Washing too much will also destroy the cat's skin protection layer. During the growth of kittens, we need to use comb and other to help kittens to sort out hair, and maintain the nutrition of the kitten, bring the kitten to the sun often, so that the hair can grow better.nMore 2nBleak

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