Less than 10 days after buying the cat, the daughter was bald directly above her head. What was the reason?

5 thoughts on “Less than 10 days after buying the cat, the daughter was bald directly above her head. What was the reason?”

  1. On May 10, a netizen posted on the social platform that people who raised cats must pay attention to it, and it is best not to let cats and children contact. Because their cats brought back less than 10 days, they caused a large baldness on the top of their daughter's head. It turned out that her daughter was infected by cat moss on the cat. In order to treat her daughter's fungal infection as soon as possible, she could only shave the hair on her head first. Seeing her daughter like this now, my mother's heart felt extremely remorse.
    The daughter was infected with head moss. The netizen said that since taking the cat home, the daughter has felt particularly happy. She holds the cat every day and plays with the cat. But for a few days, her daughter always felt the special itching of her head, and kept scratching her hair. Later, her hair also dropped the handle, which made the mother feel very panic. So she quickly took her daughter to the hospital for examination. The doctor told the mother that her daughter was infected with the head moss.

    This Moss must be shaved from the pet cat's body to be easy to get medicine. The mother feels particularly strange. My daughter washed her hair every day and paid attention to hygiene. It will be infected with such problems. After being asked by the doctor, the mother suddenly realized that it was because of the cats in the family. Later, she took the cat to check again, only to find that the cat had already been infected with cat moss. When the cat moss was just infected, the cat did not make any reactions, but as they jumped up and down at home, it was easy to bring the cat moss to other places.

    must pay attention to the health problem of pets. This cat moss will also survive in the human body. Infected with human skin, including the top of the head, it is possible. So this netizen shared his experience to the Internet, hoping to give you a vigilance. Before everyone decides to raise pet cats, we must take the cat to do a whole body check. Make sure they do not have any problems on their bodies to let children in the family come into contact with pets.

  2. Because the cats I bought were infected with cat moss, and his daughter was infected with fungal head moss through contact with the environment where the kitten was located, which caused the symptoms of bald alopecia areata.

  3. It is because of the infection of fungal head moss, which is what everyone calls the cat moss. But the little girl is actually infected by the scalp. If the treatment is treated, the hair of the infection part needs to be shaved off, which affects the beauty.

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