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    The first point of breeding cats is to choose a healthy and strong kitten. Now many pet shops have cats selling cats. Of course, some bad merchants will sell some "weekly cats". Therefore, choosing cats must pay attention to avoid being deceived. The following are the skills of choosing cats summarized for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    First, choose from descendants with excellent variety, strong physique, and beautiful body shape. Look at the growth of the kitten, whether it is lively and cute, clever, strong, good appetite, and being luster. The smallest cat (that is, weak cat) in one nest, because it has a weak constitution, slow growth, easy to get sick, and difficult to feed.
    Secondly, check whether the cat is healthy. The logo of a healthy cat is:
    1. The eyes are bright, no tears, no secretions, no inflammation; n 3. The surroundings of the mouth should be cleaned and dry, without saliva and food, the teeth are strong, pink, no ulcers;
    4. The hair is smooth, the skin is soft, no bald spots, lumps, and the skin is not posted. Red;
    5. The anus and external genitals should be cleaned and there are no secretions. There should be no feces on the nearby hair. Don't choose a runny nose and tears kittens.
    In healthy cats, in a quiet state, call for the owner or other sound reactions, and swing up and forth after smelling the sound. The sick cat or deaf cat has no response to the sound. When a kitten is selected, you should try to call it to see if the cat is reacting. If the kitten is easy to be frightened or grinned, you must carefully observe whether it is physical discomfort, is afraid of the new owner or not adapt to the new environment.
    Third, learn to identify the age of cats. Under normal circumstances, the cats began to grow at the 2-3 weeks after their births, and the deciduous teeth were long in 2-3 months, and the teeth began to change. By 6 months, the permanent front teeth were all Qi Qi. After one year, the lower front teeth began to wear. After 5 years, the canine tooth began to wear. After 7 years, the mandibular cavity was grinded into a circular shape. When it was more than 10 years, the upper tooth was worn into a circular shape. It can also be roughly identified the cat's age based on the growth of the hair and the color changes of the hair. After the cat was born 6 months, the new hair grew for adulthood; after six or seven years, he entered the middle age. At this time, the mouth of the mouth was whipped; in the old age, the head and back minister had white hair.
    In fact, if you like cats, you do n’t have to buy it, you can adopt it. Adult cats will raise better than kittens. Of course, if you must like kittens, many adopted targets also have kittens, so it is recommended that everyone adopt more. Okay.

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