1 thought on “What is the name of a TV series with a cat as the protagonist in the near future?”

  1. "Meow Stars Can't Get the Section" (Currently to the second episode)
    The first cat idol drama, all the animals in the plot, each episode of 7-8 minutes, a total of 10 episodes in the first season.
    The short -haired cat in the UK, who has not been able to grab cat food, cat nests, and even licking eggs, some people rush to lick it, which is named "Can't grab" until you can't grab it. When I met the beloved goddess Xiao Q, I vowed to grab the inspirational story of love.
    is worth mentioning that in addition to the beautiful picture, the story is touching a suspense line, making the plot more full of suspense and highlights, becoming the most anticipated idol drama in 2014.

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