2 thoughts on “Does the Shenyang pet market only sell kittens on weekends?”

  1. When do you want to sell everything, there are climbing categories, and snakes! (Super horror) There are usually there, that is, there are not many people, that is, the edge of the city, the emperor's tower tower tower tower, it is the emperor's tower tower. Bay to the west, where is the position of 228, where is your location?
    It if you just want to buy a cat, the north gate of the Youth Park is also sold
    but only weekends can be available.

  2. The end point of 228 may be the largest pet market in Shenyang.
    It, there are the flowers, birds, fish and insect markets in Beishi (previously in Bayi Park, and later moved to Beishi).
    of course, there are more in Xinglong, but the price is more expensive.
    Itt, Shenyang sells these small animals. Even the "cultural supplies wholesale market" of the wind and rain altar sells Amster Bear.
    The parks such as "labor" and "youth" also sell pets on weekends.

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