3 thoughts on “Why do cats urinate everywhere?”

  1. First, cats are a very clean animal, and they know from time to time to lick their hair from time to time. Family cats usually choose to defecate in cat sand pots. But if the owner puts the sand pot in a position, the cat will investigate whether this new place likes it. Only when it feels safe and comfortable, it will defecate in the new place; Be bowing, even if there are no sand pots in the old place.
    Secondly, most cats are very relatives and are very sticky. Therefore, if your cat urinates a while and exclude the cause of illness, it is to protest to you, and the owner should think about whether he has not taken good care of it recently and neglected it.
    Third, a new member is added in your home, such as: kitten, puppy. When the cat saw the owner brought back a new pet, it would be nervous, uneasy, and jealous, and felt that you had lost it, so it would be dissatisfied by defecation.
    Fourth, do not spray perfume where cats defecate. The cat's nose is very sensitive, and a little smell will be enlarged infinitely for it. Some owners spray perfumes in order to cover the taste of the stool. This taste will stimulate cats, so it will choose to change the place to defecate.

  2. Cats are the primary choices of many people as pets. Some people who raised cats for the first time were very headache for cats to pee everywhere, especially those older cats. There are two reasons why cats are urinating everywhere.
    . I did n’t learn to use cat sand pots
    This little orange cats in my family came over in a month or two. of. When she first hugged her, she ran directly under the bed to hide. I didn't care about it at first, because I thought it was normal, but she almost didn't come out a day, and the cat sand pot was useless. I thought she had been holding back. As a result, the next day I found a cat's urine smell. It turned out that she was urinating directly under the bed because she was not used to using a cat litter pot.
    . The cat sand pot is too dirty
    If the cat sand pot is too dirty, the cat may not urinate in the cat sand pot. I did not clean up the cat litter basin in a timely manner for two days, but the cat was urinated directly outside.

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