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  1. No, close relatives will have genetic defects.
    The cats with close relatives will have many problems. For example, cats have some hidden disease genes, which will be manifested in the descendants of close relatives, which will cause cats to suffer from congenital diseases as soon as they are born.
    But in the market, in order to better sell purebred cats, many people will choose close relatives to breed. If the owner wants to breed cats, it should not be recommended to breed close relatives.
    m's descendants of the breeding of close relatives, whether the pigs, chickens, chickens or lions and leopards are often ill and survive.
    This information

    Musting close relative breeding can have adverse consequences, and animals are no exception. The descendants born of close relatives and breeding are often weak and sick, deformity and low survival rate. The key is that their genetic genes do not match.
    The genetic genes, only when they coexist in the genes of the parents, their negative surfaces are appeared, and the closer the parents of the parents are, the greater the chance of their gene characteristics.
    Reference information Source: Zhiwang-Animals also avoid the breeding of close proxy

  2. Cat's father would not care about the descendants for his own fertility, which brought the cat's disaster and the consequences of close relatives? Cats are unhealthy, growing Huangman, and so on.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, it's okay, it's all pets, it's not as complicated as human ethics, and kittens willn’t work.nIsn't it a sick cat when you get married when you get married?nYou answer the question rigorous?nThere is no genetic disease in Mimi pedigree, so you can choose to breed close relatives, so that the cat's blood can be maintained and carried forward.nAsk me to see that most people say that this is not desirablenThe answer is that because there may be genetic diseases, if you don't want him to live, take it to the hospital for drainagenAsk the female cat I raised with his biological father, for about a one and a half months. I want to ask what is the best way to deal with each factors. What is the best way to deal with it? What should I do?nAnswer, if you are worried that you are not born well and you don’t know if they have genetic diseases, they will drain,nWhat is the normal price of question drainagenAnswer 300 ~ 500nCan the drainage be done with sterilization?nThe answer is fine, but the damage to the cat is a bit greatnMore 10nBleak

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