Why do cats and dogs always fight?

At the beginning, cats and dogs did not fight well. Later, somehow, my dog ​​always bites the cat. Sometimes the kitten stays well, and the dogs have bullyed him in the past. How can they not fight ...

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  1. (1) The language is not connected, and the meaning is the opposite: if the cat is comfortable, the throat makes a "woo" sound. In the dog's eyes, it means to fight and tease; when the cat is anxious, the center of gravity will be moved and the tail is vertically. The tail is vertical. Dogs think this is what it means. Another example is "shaking the tail". Dogs mean the meaning of intimacy, and cats mean battle; dogs want to be hot with cats, but cats think that dogs come to find faults. The hostile complex of cats and dogs is not born, and there are no natural grievances. The complaint between them is caused by misunderstandings when translating their language. Attitude. Although this will cause twisting and bite, there will be no situation of "deliberate murder" and "European fighting". But this has never been able to explain, it can be described as "more and more chaotic." (2) The temperament and character are completely inconsistent: Cats are afraid of giving birth, but dogs are very enthusiastic about strangers. (3) It is also possible to quarrel to fight for pets or grab food. (4) To a large extent, the living environment, habits and habits of cats and dogs, including dietary differences.

  2. I often see a photo of cats and dogs with love, but in fact, after most cats and dogs meet, a cat and dog battle usually occurs. Obviously, I have never seen it before. Fight with dogs? What are the causes? Can't cats and dogs coexist peacefully?

    Cats and dogs vs.
    of course, some pet cats and pet dogs can also be in peace and can live together in a environment. However, more cats and dogs are still natural enemies, and they are inevitable after meeting.
    In order to figure out this problem, Dr. R. Menzer, Director of the Institute of Institute of Animer Hym in Israel, also made a special research to solve the secret of cats and dogs:
    Data show that in order to conduct experiments, Menzer found a Spanish long hair dog named Abi and a German short -haired cat named Jim. This dog is about 1 year old. From being born, they have lived in their own kind, and they have never seen each other.
    The experiments began, and they were locked in the same spacious experimental room. After eliminating strangeness and adaptation for a period of time, each other has the intention to play with each other. However, there was a series of serious misunderstandings.
    Abou dogs stretched out a front paw to shook the tail in order to express their intentions to play together, which was completely out of the dog's traditional habits. Here, the action of extending the dog's claws is not a move to begging people, but a kind of inherent language of a dog. Let ’s." In the cat's language, the meaning is just the opposite. It means that you stretch out your claws and shake your tail: "Roll! Or if I use your paws to grab you." Therefore, the male cat Jim was immediately full of alertness to Abi. It seems that the problem is completely misunderstanding in the process of mutual translation. But how could this pair of poor animals know?
    . After a while, the male cat Jim eliminated the alertness and wanted to take the initiative to find Abby to play. The cat's intention is expressed by making a comfortable "snoring" sound. But for dogs, this is a threatening information, which is equivalent to "don't mess with me, otherwise I will bite you." This time is the meaning of cat language is very different from the dog's understanding.
    So people's summary causes the cause of cats and dogs to fight, mainly because of the different language of each other. There is no natural resentment between cats and dogs. They are not rivals at all. It is only because of the continuous deepening of misunderstandings during the translation of cats and dogs, so that they have a hostile attitude.

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    of course, there are no absolute things in the world. If dogs and cats have been fed and grew up together since childhood, they have mastered a "foreign language" with each other. The relationship and relationship are quite harmonious. But if they have reached adults, it is hard to say. In fact, cats are very sensitive. If it comes to a place first, it will think that this is its world, and dogs must be divided into varieties, but they are generally docile. In addition, people cannot force their will on animals. The dog raising people hate cats, and people who raise cats do not like dogs. Many dogs who love dogs hate their cats and transmit this emotion to their dogs at the same time. They have stood to bite the cats from urination, and they are used to it. Due to human being, some dogs eliminate the concerns of daring to bite the cat, often causing cats to death, and cats' revenge is getting more and more powerful. Here, the hatred between animals is not responsible in the animal itself. It is that people teach them to vow. This emotion will be passed on to the pets around them, and they will unintentionally make them hate each other. Therefore, if people strictly follow the principle of "all animals are equal", then "cats and dogs are discord" are not irritating, and they can eliminate disputes by understanding each other.

  4. The ancestor of the dog is a group of animals. What they need is an absolutely tacit cooperation to survive and the cat's ancestor wild cat is not a wild cat who has to get along with their brothers as a child, but the wild cat growing up is to drive away all other carnivial animals. In this way, there is enough food, so the dog will run next to the cat to please the charm, but the cat thinks that the big piece of the big piece is violating it. This is their natural nature. The culprit of the incident is that the dog can not let him get close to the cat.

  5. Cool Pet Network: Friends who like pets have a characteristic, that is, they like small animals. Originally, a dog had been raised in the family, and I wanted to raise a cat, but I was worried that cats and dogs were born to be an enemy. So can cats and dogs be mixed? The answer is yes, you can raise it together, but there are certain conditions. First of all, we must understand the habits of cats and dogs. There are many ways to express emotions when cats and dogs express emotions. The dog stretches out its claws and expresses friendly, but it seems to be provocative to the cat's eyes; the dog is more loyal and obedient to the owner's order. But they all have a commonality, that is, all people's pets, and they live on the breeding of people, so they must obey people's restrictions and behavioral specifications. Cats and dogs meet for the first time, and the dog will take the initiative to approach the cat. Adult cats will definitely not accept the dog's enthusiastic reception method. They will even stretch out the claws to hurt the dog, causing the dog's disgusting, causing the two sides to forged a grievance. Generally speaking, adult cats and dogs are more alert, and kittens and dogs are relatively simple and easy to get along. Therefore, when you want to raise cats and dogs, one of them must be young. Moreover, when they start to live together, it is best to keep the dogs first and keep a certain distance from the cats. After they are familiar with the smell of each other, they will let go of the dog. Of course, if it is a kittens and a dog, it will be better. You do n’t need to worry about it, they will accompany you for life in harmony!

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