I want to know why the cat is classified in color, why is Wuyun covering snow, black clouds, and snow on the head of the gun. What are the specific categories?

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  1. There are many categories:
    1, good four o'clock: a color, no mixed hair. (严格的说,应该是连须,眉毛也不异色,但现在黄或黑猫,白色须,眉的也有。)rn2、踏雪寻梅:又名雪里钻,黑猫四Full white.
    3, whipped hydrangea: White cat, black or yellow tail, black or yellow balls around the head or waist, and two balls are called whip double hydrangea.
    5, white robe gold print: There is a yellow block on the back of the white cat.
    6, snow gold sculpture: white cat yellow point, also known as hydrangea.
    Extension information:

    The type of cats
    The traditional colors of Siam Cats appeared in Europe as early as the 19880s. The hair is short and smooth, close to the body, and is more mature, but it can not be mated until you are older. This Siamese cat is the most well -known one of Siamese cats. The key color part is close to black, and the light brown body looks very noble.
    Protyle: One of the traditional Siamese cats has been one of the most popular varieties since the 1930s. It is said to be the gentlest and most affectionate among Siamese cats. This Siamese cat's key color part is dark blue and the body is blue white. This variety is more precious.
    Chocolate key color: developed from the early seal color key Siamese cats, but was allowed to participate in the exhibition in 1950. The kitten is almost pure, and it will not be able to grow chocolate spots completely around one year old. The developed kitten often has a deeper color in adulthood. This Siamese cat is the most common. The body is creamy white, four -foot, tail, face and ears for cream chocolate.
    Thisy Points: The earliest appeared in an exhibition in Britain in 1896. At that time, it was eliminated because of the key color "not blue". One of the four typical Siamese cats. This is a variant of "key color", the body is white, and it was recognized by the world in 1955. This Siamese cat is loved by girls.
    This key color: Originally called "orange key color cat", it was first exhibited in the UK in 1934. It was controversial due to the different hair color and traditional Siamese cat. This cat is produced by the red tabby Boss cat.
    The key color: Like the key color of red, it is a new variety with delicate colors. It is also called "cheese color key color" abroad.
    The seal 这: This cat has dark color patterns in the early body, which is basically eliminated, which is closely related to the red key Siamese cat. The scream of Siamese cats in Sea Panther Siam is louder than ordinary Siamese cats, and it is a natural loud voice.
    A blue : The pattern is obtained by mating with the colorful short -haired cat. After screening, the body characteristics of Siamese cats are retained. Like other ravioli cats, there are almost only female cats.
    Chocolate 玳瑁: In North America, some registered units believe that they are key color short -haired cats, and in the UK, people include it into Siamese cats. But they have been recognized.
    When the Siamese cat was introduced into Europe, people knew that this variety had a variety of key tabots. Only recently fame and the world. They were called "Shadow Siamese Cats" in the early days, and later called "Berbon's Key Siamese Cat". In 1966, Britain was officially called "red tabby key Siamese cat".

  2. I hope that my answer below can help you ~
    1. Black cat -colored black cats are called "Wuyun" and "Earth Iron". They are often called "Xuan Cat" because they are more mysterious. The ancient book records that black cats are town houses, evil spirits, and wealth. In Chinese traditional culture, the iron iron means auspicious meaning.
    2. Ruxia jade body is pure white name "ruler jade" and "Xiaofei practice". The body is small, thin, and lively and emotional quotient is really good. Shaoyi raises a ruler jade.
    3. The ancients thought that the hair of the cat was pure yellow as the top grade, and the pure white was the same. The pure yellow golden cat, if it is a female cat, is a good cat. The same is true of pure black male cats. However, most of the yellow cats are male cats, and most of them are female cats. Therefore, people in Guangdong said: Golden silk is rare, and iron is rare.
    PS: Everyone with solid colors, whether yellow, white, or black, is called "four o'clock". (Strictly speaking, it should be a beard, and the eyebrows are not different, but now there are yellow or black cats, and white eyebrows are also available.) Other solid cats also have nicknames: silver gray, jujube, snow cat, golden brown, red shred, green, green, green, green骢 骢 骢 骢 骢 骢.
    4. Some cats are yellow on their heads, the same name.
    5. Some cats are yellow on the back called "white robe gold seal". Seeing such a cat, I always feel that it is the same as it is.
    6. Dragging in the snow, the black cat is called "Drag in the snow", "Sending charcoal in the snow", and "Silver Bottle Drag" is the most auspicious. So: The black -tailed cat is white, and the livestock produces heroes.
    7. The negative printed drag gun is white. Only the tail and a black cat on the back are called "negative printed drag guns", which is a combination of 5 and 6. This name sounds very responsible.
    8. The whipped hydrangea is pure white and the tail is pure black. There is a black ball on the forehead or waist. This cat is called "whipped hydrangea". There are two balls called "Show Double Hydrangea". If only on the forehead, they also have a nickname called "Drag Mansion", as the name suggests, is a combination of 4 and 6, also called "Indian Star Cat". I was embarrassed to be a person who had no nasal nasal sound.
    9. The whipping cherry is pure white and pure black, with two colors on the forehead, one black and one yellow. Such cats are called "whip cherries". This kitten hairstyle is very unique, and there are even more chic.
    10. The roar color Xia is white, with black and yellow marks on his forehead and back. Such cats are called "Roar Caixia". What if the three colors are evenly distributed?
    11. Three -colored cats with spots, both yellow, white, and black, called "spots". Such cats are difficult to look good. Generally, they are slow -selling products for pet shops and auntie. Distressed it a lot, many seconds.
    12. The cats with black and yellow -colored black and yellow -colored cats are called "rolling ground brocade". The color of this cat can be described as high -end atmosphere of black gold, luxurious and noble, and you deserve it. Hahaha
    13. The cat with black hair with plum leopard is called "plum leopard" with white dots. It reminds me of the woman who was dominated by Kusama, no! It should be a woman who dominates a little bit. I can't help but let me bring out his partner.
    14. The cat with white black spots with black cows is called "dairy cat". The irregular point is a bit like a cow. The rules should be called "spotted cat", and "spot dog" is CP. Please remember! Cattle cattle and cats must think twice! The title of the cat world neuropathy is not for nothing, and the Husky of the ratio of the dog industry probably understands it.
    15. The tip of the black tail of Mo Yuzhu has a little white hair. Such a cat is called "Mo Yu Chuzhu". This cat is rare.
    17. The silver gun trailer bottle is black and the tail is completely white. Such cats are called "silver gun trailer iron bottle" also called "Murry Tibetan needle". Shaoyi prefers the first name, and it feels pretty poetic. The second one reminds me of Rong Mi. If weeping beads are rare, it is rare.
    18. Step in the black four feet in the black body is white. Such a cat is called "Tu Xue Xunmei". I have to say that this name is still very vivid, also known as "Snow Diamond", and the name is more grounded.
    19. Wuyun Gaixue's back is black but the belly, legs, and hoof claws are called "Wuyun Gai Xue". I am afraid that it ’s not too thick under the snow.
    20. The black cat with the butterfly is only white called "Two Die". Oh yo, good, very vivid, pretty beautiful. The next one is similar to its fate, but it is not lucky.
    21. The cicada slaves have white hair and the pattern on the mouth is called "Two Cicada Slave". It is called "Two Flowers", and the white tail of the black belt is called "Musk". However, this one is also recorded in "Table Different Records", saying that one of them is "silver gun iron bottle" with a black belt, called "Kunlun", and the other body with a pattern on the white mouth of the white mouth It is called "Cicada Slave". The two records are slightly different. Well, the words of this pattern painting are hard.
    22. Hitler's white cat has black spots above the mouth of the cat, which looks like a beard called "Hitler". This is not recorded in the book, but Shaoyi himself adds it. After all, this cat is still very common. These two beards are very humorous, I don't know if it will be laughed at the mirror itself.
    23. The embroidered tiger has orange spots on the white body. Such cats are called "embroidered tiger" and "snow gold". The little friend who knew before was discussed with me for a long time, what was the name of his cat. Nuo, it's embroidered.
    24. The back of the silver bed is yellow, and the cat with white belly, legs and hoof claws is called "golden bed".
    25. The raccoon cat is a patterned cat called "Tanuka Cat", and there are black taboos and yellow civet flowers. "Snow hemp" (the belly is white) "bamboo shoots" (aspiration yellow and white) "hemp" (green) "entangled" (constant pattern of the body, there are patterns on four feet and tails)
    26. The golden bottle is white and the tail is yellow and the tail is yellow called "Golden Silver Silver Bottle" and "Golden Mo hanging silver bottle". It is also not common.
    The above is the different hair color summarized by Shaoyi. Different nicknamed rural cats
    Original address: [Shaoyi Zhi] The classification of idyllic cats, the most complete in history! || Yixian Life Web Links

  3. this? There are many categories:
    1. Four o'clock: It is a color, no mixed hair. (严格的说,应该是连须,眉毛也不异色,但现在黄或黑猫,白色须,眉的也有。) 2. 踏雪寻梅:又名雪里钻,黑猫四足全白Essence 3. Wuyun cover snow: black cat white belly and white foot. 4. Mori hiding needle: Black cat white tail. 5. Send carbon in the snow: White Cat Black Tail 6. Mo Yu Chongzhu: Black Cat White Tail slightly. 7. Silver bottle dragging: white cat black tail. 8. Golden Silver Bottle: White Cat Yellow Tail. 9. Gold by silver bed: yellow cat white belly. 10. Terront butterfly: Black cat white mouth. 11. Whipped hydrangea: white cat, black or yellow tail, black or yellow balls around the head or waist. Two balls are called whip double hydrangea. 12. General's print: There is a black block on the back of the white cat. 13. White robe gold print: There is a yellow block on the back of the white cat. 14. Plum Bantile: Black Cat's white dot. 15. Snow gold rumors: white cat yellow dots, also known as hydrangea. 16. 黄: Yellow, Black, and White three colors are the same. 17. Roll the ground: all over the whole body. 18. Roar Caixia: 专 专 1 1 1. 19. Tanuki: There are black beaver snow stalks (belly white) bamboo shoot spots (intermittent) yellow and white hemp (green Heye) entangled (continuous pattern of the body) 20. Golden silk tiger: big drop of gold: big drop of gold It's all pure yellow. 21. Ghost Yuxiao Flying: It's all pure white. 22. Wuyun Cat, Xiao Tie: It's all pure black. 23. Silver gray 24. Jujube red

  4. In your picture, there is a butterfly, and there are flowers on your mouth;
    It can't see the forefoot. If you are all white, it is snow -seeking plum;
    Black), Wuyun (all black), Wuyun Gaixue (four -footed and belly white), Xue Xue Xunmei (four -foot white), printed and dragging guns (black seal black black on the head), negative seal) Drag guns (black seal tails on the back), whip double hydrangea (the tail black belly is seal on both sides), rolling ground, etc., many famous halls, of course, as long as people and cats interact with each other, it is important to have mutual trust.

  5. Four o'clock: it is a color, no mixed hair.
    This Xue Xunmei: Also known as Snow Drilling, Black Cats are all white.
    : Black cat white belly and white foot.
    Miri hiding needle: black cat white tail.
    This in the snow: white cat black tail
    ink jade heavy beads: black cat white tail slightly.
    silver bottle dragging: white cat black tail.
    roses and silver bottle: white cat yellow tail.
    Gold is silver bed: yellow cat white belly.
    This butterfly: Black cat white mouth.
    Phkin: White cat, black or yellow tail, black or yellow balls around the head or waist. Two balls are called whip double hydrangea.
    The general printed: There is a black block on the back of the white cat.
    Golden seal of white robe: There are yellow blocks on the back of the white cat.
    Plum Banto: Black Cat's white dot.
    Snow golden carving: white cat yellow dots, also known as hydrangea.
    、: yellow, black, and white.
    Rolling ground brocade: 玳瑁 all over the body.
    roaring color Xia: 玳瑁 玳瑁.
    Tanuka: There are black beaver snow stalks (white belly) bamboo shoot spots (intermittent) yellow and white hemp green (green He color) entangled (constant patterns in the body)
    : Big drip gold is pure yellow.

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