Where is the largest pet market in Shanghai?

Where is the largest pet market in Shanghai? There are small animals selling dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, fish, etc.
best to say specific street signs. thanks.

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  1. Shanghai's pet market address

    The Cao'an Flower Market Wuning Road 2207 near Dadu River Road
    The five -corner flower and bird market near Changhai Road Changhai Road
    The flower, birds and insect market of the Huxi Western Workers Culture Palace
    The Qinzhou Road Flower and Bird Market took the subway to Caobao Road Station, take Caobao Road, turn right after going to Qinzhou Road, and go forward! On Qinzhou Road 6090
    Hongjing Road, Hongjing Road, Hongjing Road, Hongsong Road
    opposite the western suburbs of Hongqiao Flower and Bird Market
    Hongqiao Road, Flower Bird Market of West Suburbs, Hong Xu Road, Hongxu Road
    The Wenmiao Flower and Bird Market Renmin Road, Penglai Road
    Jiangpu Road, Benxi Road Flower Bird Market, Benxi Road
    Lan Linghua City Lanzheng Road, Lingshi Road
    The intersection is close to Dahua New Village (opposite the party school of Putuo District)
    The brand in the market in the area near the intersection of Yichuan Road, Hu Tai Road is small. But novel, under the Hongqiao Road Station of the light rail, the east of the road is 200 meters in the novelty north.

    1) Huatai Road (near Yichuan Road) Flower and Bird Market (small);
    2) Shanghai Western Workers' Cultural Palace Flower and Bird Market (large);
    3) Novel Flower Bird Market (Anshun Road/ Kaixuan Road) (Middle);
    4) Cao Anhua Bird Market (Wuning Road/Dadu River Road) (Big);
    5) Xuhui Flower Bird Market (Wanping South Road/near Zhaojiabang Road) (small);
    6) Qinzhou Road Flower and Bird Market (near Tianlin Road) (large);
    7) around the island flower and bird market (pentagram/near Heishan Road) (small);
    8) Quyang flower and bird market (on Quyang Road) (Small);
    9) Fengyang Flower and Bird Market (on Fengyang Road) (small);
    10) New Ten Steel Flower and Bird Market (Anshun Road/Kaixuan Road) (Middle);
    11) Jiangyin Road, Jiangyin Road Flower and Bird Market (Jiangyin Road/Huangpi Road) (middle);
    12) Xinjiangyin Road Flower and Bird Market (Anlan Road/Near Tibet South Road) (Middle);
    13) Tibet Road Flower and Bird Market (near Dongtai Road) (near Dongtai Road) (near Dongtai Road) Middle);
    14) Yangpu Park Flower and Bird Market (Longchang Road) (middle);
    15) Construction 006 Market (Pudong Avenue/Home Bridge Road) (Large);
    16) Huangshan Flower and Bird Market ( Yunshan Road/Zhangyang Road) (small);
    17) Shangnan Flower Bird Market (Shangnan Road/Yongtai Road) (Middle);
    18) Yuntai Flower and Bird Market (Yundai Road/Changli Road) );
    19) Shuanghuan Flower and Bird Market (Pu circuit/Laoshan Road) (small);
    20) Oriental Road Flower and Bird Market (Pujian Road/Yang Gao Road, under construction) (middle).
    The "big, medium, and small" above is the scale of ornamental fish.
    Longchuan North Road, Changqiao Flower and Bird Market. Light rail to Shanghai South Railway Station passed for 10 minutes

  2. The intersection of Donggang Road and Fuqiang Street is a flower, bird, fish and insect market. There are many small animals selling there. Take the 30th route to the electric community and get off the bus, and walk west to the west to the Forty-three Middle School to the Fuqiang Street (walk for 5-6 minutes), just on the west of Yangang Community. I heard that there is another near the botanical garden.

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