5 thoughts on “How to expand the medical and beauty industry in the medical beauty industry”

  1. At first you must like it. In addition to professional knowledge, you must also understand his historical and culture. Every industry has a historical background. This is a premise.
    It without your own thinking, you will blindly listen to what is good or not, then you will easily follow the current, and it will fail with the current. It is very dangerous.
    The people's attention now, that is actually a higher point, then it is easy to encounter bottlenecks.
    But most industries have not been considered a bottleneck period, especially the relatively basic industries, similar to service industries, eating, medicine, etc., and there are industries with demand. No matter how they change, they have a market.
    Now many practitioners really feel hard. In fact, when all industries are saturated, how to grow and grow in adversity is mainly to be hard to strengthen themselves, and continuously strengthen themselves from services, management, and content. After a solid foundation, you are not afraid of competition or comparison, so no matter what industry can go up.

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  3. 1. Taking interactive activities as the main line of drainage:
    The drainage is our often referred to as suction powder. The platform needs to use a series of online and offline interactive activities to absorb fans to join. Model, that is, the participation of an event requires participants to invite friends to complete, such as voting, bargaining, helping the points ranking, etc., through this model of fission fans through fan fission, to achieve the purpose of rapid increase in fans. Fans absorb in, and we also need a series of tips to maintain fans sticky, such as sign -in, answering questions, etc. At the same time, the concept of points is introduced. Interactive activities will participate, sign in, and answer questions will get points. The project is promoted to the number of customers to experience customers.
    2. Card coupons marketing as the main line of conversion:
    The platform has accumulated a lot of fans. We need to screen intentions from fans. Card coupon marketing is a better way to screen intentions. Through irregular issuance of card coupons, the platform guides customers to receive card coupons after receiving card vouchers.
    3. Active marketing with personalities as an old customer to develop the main line:
    The re -consumption of old customers is relatively high in the proportion of medical beauty business, so how to operate good old customers is a problem that all colleagues need to think deeply. Old members are deeply excavated from product dimensions and time dimensions, and old members provide personalized marketing push. For example: For example, you bought double eyelids (product dimensions) last time, and next time I recommend rhinoplasty. You bought medicines before a month (time dimension). It is estimated that you have finished eating it now, and immediately send you another coupon to you. In the past, remind you to buy.
    4. The main line of distribution as a channel:
    The cooperation channels occupy a pivotal position in the source of medical beauty business, but the main body of medical beauty is often in a passive position in channel cooperation, so integrating partners, so integrated partners Mastering channel initiative is also a matter of thinking about the industry.

  4. The medical beauty industry is now a hot industry. If you want to drain and expand customers, you must first have a good reputation. After the word of mouth rises, you can use Xiaocke to promote software such as Xiaocke.

  5. Hello, you can use autonomous marketing to pioneer: small programs with Mihu marketing plug -in to achieve independent marketing. Through points, commissions, bargaining, experience cards, etc. New and new. This word -of -mouth communication is new, which can not only save promotion costs, but also realize social network virus pioneers.

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