5 thoughts on “What is the specific position of the talent exchange market in Nanning in Guangxi?”

  1. Qixing Road
    The Nanning talent market across the cultural market has been relocated. The new address is: Keyuan Dongwu Road, the 5th floor of the administrative approval certificate hall, 46 bus terminal
    n Markets Opposite the hotel
    opposite the hotel.
    The Guangxi Talent Market is near the intersection of Guichun in Guichun, 46, 705, 706, 609

  2. Nanning Labor Market is near the Zhonghua Road Railway Station. It takes 100 meters to walk down to the train station and takes a bus to the train station. rn南宁市人才市场在七星路文化市场对面(旧二中附近)3、35、80、38路车可以到rn广西人才市场在桂春路,坐220、609、705、 706 can be available.

  3. Guangxi Nanning Talent Market is the Guangxi Talent Market near the Guichun intersection of Jinzhou. Layout 46, 705, 706, and 609 can reach the door directly.

  4. As far as I know, there are four talent markets in Nanning, there is one in the high -tech zone, one has one in Nanning Railway Station, there is one in the seven -star intersection of Minsheng, and there is a Guangxi talent market in Langdong. The time is unclear.

  5. Where is the railway station! The left hand side opposite the railway station, not here! The first bus station of the traffic light of the Railway Station Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

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