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  1. Hotel cloth cleaning outsourcing professional washing companies have high income
    The higher the hotel room rate, the lower the occupancy rate. Therefore, a reasonable hotel room rate must be developed to obtain the maximum return. The following is the high -related information of the hotel's cloth grass cleaning outsourcing professional washing company. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    The short period of time, well -known business chain hotels such as home, Green Haotai and other well -known business chains are constantly caught in a "towel door" (that is, wipe the toilet, wipe the cup with the use of towels, and even turn the dirty quilts over and use it. To. In fact, this is just a hot event in the consumer field, but in the eyes of smart merchants, it is a good business opportunity -hotel cleaning outsourcing service.
    This cost reduction has become the biggest advantage of outsourcing business
    According to the reporter of this magazine, many cities in cities have begun to entrust the washing products to professional washing companies to clean, and many star hotels have begun to begin Do so. The actual effect reflects that the hotel said that from the perspective of sanitary hardware conditions, the two are not much different. From the perspective of operating costs, the operating cost of the hotel outsourcing business outsourcing is at least one -third of the hotels that are opened. %, While investing in professional laundry houses, grass washing and reservation costs account for 20%-30%of total operating costs.
    The construction area of ​​economy hotels at the same time is generally small. If operators want to make money, they must turn the limited space into guest rooms. Hotel cleaning business needs. Therefore, the outsourcing business outsourcing has also become one of the ways to handle the industry in the industry.
    The market demand is very large. A hotel can feed a small washing company
    According to reporters, taking the Beijing -Tianjin market as an example, there are about nearly 2,000 economic hotels. Half of the hotel packs the laundry business of cloth grass to a professional washing company, and the remaining hotels are willing to outsourcing the relevant business, after all, it can save costs. Moreover, some three or four stars in the two places also have related wishes.
    In the person in charge of a washing company in Tianjin, an economical hotel with seventy or eighty guest rooms can support a small washing company (about 67 or seven or eight employees), and rushed to the peak season (Such as the peak season, golden week, etc.), small washing companies must work overtime to complete the washing and distribution of related cloth grass.
    The market demand is very large, so is the market supplier sufficient?
    It still take Beijing -Tianjin as an example. The number of professional washing companies is not small. The total number of institutions of large and small institutions is about 400 or five hundred (including about 70%of small and small institutions). The full load operation of these institutions can only meet 60%of market demand. As professional washing companies in the two places are difficult to meet market demand, professional washing companies in Zhejiang, Shijiazhuang and other places have begun to enter the two places in Beijing and Tianjin to share the vacancies in the market.
    So is this common? According to experts from the China Commercial Federation of Washing and Dyeing Professional Committee, in addition to individual tourist cities in China, such as Xiamen, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, hotel outsourcing cleaning business is basically a balanced supply and demand, or the supply is greater than the need. In a situation that needs to be greater than confession.
    It, now economy hotels are in a rapid development stage. According to the relevant reports of Qingke Group, the development speed of economic hotels in the next three years is about 30%. 3,500 economical chain hotels (this excluding single -store hotels invested by individuals), and cloth grass outsourcing has become a trend. Under the circumstances that the large area washing companies are in short supply, the business prospects will be good in the next three or five years.
    The investment at least 200,000, gross profit exceeding 30%
    In the industry insiders, making a small washing plant, at least one industrial washing machine, a dehydration machine, a flattener and a one To prepare another car. If you count the rent, equipment installation, flow funds and washing raw materials, the minimum investment is about 200,000 yuan.
    It, the standard of the cloth grass in a room is about 5-6 yuan (economy hotel), and the per otherwise cost of a single room for a single room of star hotel is about 8-10 yuan. Although the fee is not expensive, the cost of washing and distribution of investors is not high, and it can have more than 30%of the gross profit, which is already a high return in the washing industry.
    At the same time, the cloth of the hotel's cloth is different from the cleaning of ordinary household clothing. In addition to the regular stain treatment, it also needs to be bleached, rinsed, and paste. Therefore, the washing center must be equipped with at least strong, passenger wash, powder -aid, emulsifier, neutralized powder, soft agent, neutralizer and other cleaning agents.
    The related links
    cloth grass, which belongs to the professional language of the hotel, refers to the general name of the hotel rooms' `towels, tablets, sheets, sheets, pillowcases, etc. Nowadays, the hotel's grass refers to everything related to "cloth" in modern hotels, including bedding such as bedding, cotton tires, bedding, pillow pillow cores, bed skirts, mattress cushions, protective pads and towels Such products such as facial towels, square towels, bath towels, floor towels, bathrobes, etc., also include tabletop napkins, sleeve skirts, shower curtains, etc.
    The washing cost of cloth grass
    1. Washing costs of cloth grass. The monthly cloth washing cost of the hotel accounts for 3%-5%of the total income, and the washing cost of the mid-range single-room room ranges from 10 yuan to 15 yuan. The unit price will be different from the regional differences. In addition to the unit price, the total price depends on the actual operation of the monthly residence rate, the daily rental house, and the clock house.
    2. The professionalism of the grass washing dealers. Cao grass washing needs to go through 8-10 different processes, and it is necessary to obtain environmental protection certificates issued by environmental protection institutions. When the hotel is choosing a grass -launder, professionalism is the most important criterion. At the same time, the contracts of hotels and grass grass launders need to reflect the standards and prices of compensation.
    3. The service capabilities of cloth washing dealers. The high scale, machine, number of people, pick -up time, etc. of cloth grass.

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