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  1. According to relevant data, nearly 9%of each family's expenditure in each family is distributed to education, and the overall market value of domestic private education has already exceeded the trillion yuan mark. The huge consumer market has spawned many training schools in the education industry. So what are the good projects for entrepreneurship in the education industry? Let me answer your questions.

    What are the good projects in the education industry? Project

    It what is good for entrepreneurship in the education industry
    1. Art training
    The comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical, and laborers is to enable children to grow healthily and learn happily to learn happily. Artistic education is a good entrepreneurial choice. According to the China Education Training Association, in recent years, the field of art training is hilarious in the development of the entire education industry. Many big -name education brands such as New Oriental and Tsinghua University have begun to get involved in the field of art training. It is not unreasonable to attract so many investors. First of all, parents' horizons are more open. Education of children no longer stares at cultural courses, and training in artistic talents is also very concerned. More and more parents and children join the art training team. Secondly, the profit of art training is also among the top in the education training industry, and its gross profit is more than double the English training. In addition, the competition in the art education industry is currently very fierce.
    2. Early education industry
    What are the good entrepreneurial projects in the education industry? Early education industry is a very good choice. Its market development prospects are broad and worthy of investors' franchise. Experts say that people have a lifetime 50%of the level of intelligence developed at the age of 0-4, so early education plays a vital role in the physical and mental development of babies. my country's early education service market has reached 471.6 billion yuan in 2016, and it is expected that the annual growth rate will be around 10%in the future. Although the growth of early education in my country has not grown for a long time, it has developed rapidly. Nowadays, there are many foreign early education brands and domestic early education brands. Each foreign lesson is charged at 250-300 yuan, and each domestic lesson is charged at 150-200 yuan. However, the cost of joining a early education brand requires at least 400,000 yuan of investment funds.
    3. Basic education
    Nowadays, the development of the education industry is in full swing. The development prospects in the market are very broad. At the same time, many investors have begun to move. Basic education is a good entrepreneurial project. What is what is what is? Basic education, so -called basic education refers to pre -school education to high school education, mainly used to train cultural courses for learning in school. Although parents now attach great importance to their children's talents, cultural classes are still the most concerned about parents. After all, Xiao Sheng's early, early level, and high school entrance examination university have a great impact on children's life, and these three stages of examinations are also mainly based on cultural courses. No matter whether it is a city or a township, few children's cultural classes are only studying at school, and they basically report tuition classes in the spare time. Therefore, basic education and training are indispensable and the huge consumer groups exist, and there are also many people who want to do basic education training.
    What good entrepreneurial projects does the education industry? In fact, there are still many projects in the education industry, not only the education of children, but also the same is true of adult education. The above three are the good education industries I recommend. Hope to help friends in need.

    The five good projects suitable for young people to start a business
    . Breakfast shop
    The pursuit of most people is also very popular to open a small breakfast shop near the office building, commercial street or subway entrance, and breakfast shop is also a good project with low cost and high profits. Friends must be prepared to be hardworking. Breakfast is also the hardest in all the catering industry. Generally, you must get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to prepare. If you want to open a breakfast restaurant, you must first see if you can eat hard.
    . The rental of the celebration supplies
    With the development of society, the living standards of the people are continuously improved. The red and white matters and an activity ceremony always want to pay attention to the store's row. Large business, radio propaganda, art festival, opening, starting, completion, meeting, weddings, birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, festivals and other celebrations. In the early stage, the cost of investing, the cost of buying the aircraft, and other costs of about 20,000 yuan. Each gas molds are usually 200-300 yuan per day. A prefecture-level city is usually 50-100 times each year. One-third of its business can reach 80,000 to 100,000 yuan, and it is also a good project once and for all. Repeated income at a time.
    . Education and training institutions
    It, in addition to women's money, students' money is also very profitable. Now parents do not want to let their children lose on the starting line. In various tuition classes, tutoring classes can be opened according to the situation of local schools, and comprehensive educational institutions can also be opened. At different times, different students counsel to meet students' requirements. If it is a tutoring operation, it must be close to the school, which can be a unit building. In this way, rent is very cheap; interest training courses can be in the prosperous residential area, or in the facade around the school.
    . Small snack shops
    As people's life pressure continues to increase, many people like to eat snacks, and snacks can alleviate stress to a certain extent. Therefore It is also a good entrepreneurial choice for young people. To run a small snack shop, you can choose some snack products that are more popular in the market. In order to ensure the diversity of operating products, dried fruits, puffed foods, spicy foods, imported snacks, etc. can be selected. Note that it is best to choose the location of the store in a large area of ​​people. It can be near the vegetable market, near the community, near the shopping malls, etc. When the store is renovated, it is best to use some bright colors, the decoration style as much as possible, and small fresh as fresh and fresh as possible Fan'er, this is more popular with young consumers.
    5. Housekeeping services
    If you know the community very well, you can combine their needs, set up housekeeping services in the community, set up housekeeping services. Arrange laid -off employees for re -employment and develop prospects well. Small entrepreneurial ideas your business projects can be single or comprehensive, such as opening elderly care homes, kindergartens, primary school students' pick -up service department, information service centers, marriage agency, dishes service agency, laundry service store, etc. These should be in you By the list of considerations.

    The entrepreneurial project with smaller investment
    1. Milk tea shop
    Speaking of the most popular drinks, you must count milk tea. Opening a milk tea shop not only has a solid source of customers, but also high profits. It is a small project that is very suitable for the poor.
    2. Breakfast shop
    Min people take food as the sky. Whether it is white -collar or student, the demand for breakfast every day is very strong. And the breakfast shop is small and high in return. As long as you work hard, it is not a dream to get rich.
    3. Barbecue restaurant
    does not say that a barbecue can be relieved, which also shows the popularity of barbecue among the people. Opening a barbecue restaurant, less invested in the early stage, many customers, very suitable for small investors to start a business.
    4. Malaysia
    Whether it is white -collar or student, there is no resistance to Malace. On the way to school, eating a bowl of spicy spicy is very happy. In addition, the investment in spicy hot and hot, high profit, is very suitable for poor people to start a business.
    5. Pancake stalls
    Pancakes are the most popular foods for students. The huge source of customers allows pancake stalls to make daily profitability. Investment is high, and it is very suitable for the poor to invest.
    6. String incense
    The skewers are a very hot entrepreneurial project recently. The threshold is low, the return is high, and thousands of profitability per day is possible.
    7. r
    Sichuan Domai Caikou feels good and is loved by the masses. Fatalie stores have less investment, and it is very suitable for the poor to start a business, which is very suitable for the poor.
    8. Cold drink shops
    The cold drink stores can attract many customers whether they are selling sand ice or ice cream. In the early stage, there are fewer investment, and the profit of four or five hundred can be guaranteed every day, which is very suitable for the poor.
    9. Self -service small hot pot
    The self -service small hot pot is easy to eat and tastes good. The equipment requirements are also low, and they can earn more than one thousand daily, which is very suitable for the poor to start a business.
    10. The biscuits shop
    is a kind of food that the old and old loves. A single -day stable income is also three or four hundred, which is very suitable for the poor to invest in entrepreneurship.
    11. Stinky tofu shops
    This stinky tofu shops near the school are very popular. Often, people are crowded to wait in line to buy stinky tofu. And it is not difficult to open a stinky tofu shop to start the funds, and there are many customers. It is not difficult to make money.
    12. Seafood stalls
    The people like to eat seafood very much, and seafood stalls have high profitability, and can have about 1,000 profits every day. It is a good project for entrepreneurship.
    13. Fried chicken shops
    The fried chicken is the oldest and appropriate food. There is no need to worry about the source of the customer.
    14. The rice noodle shop
    is the same as the pancake fruit. The rice noodles are also very popular. Opening a rice noodle shop has less investment and high return. It is the best choice for the poor to start a business.
    15. Cake shop
    The cake is loved by white -collar students. Opening a cake shop can earn thousands of every day, it is a good project for entrepreneurship.

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