Why is it not easy to do now lubricating oil dealers

Please help me explain why the current lubricant is not very easy to do

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  1. I originally engaged in product planning and marketing promotion in Changan Automobile. Later, I was fortunate to enter the lubricant industry and serve as the regional manager in Shandong Province. I have a national science for marketing. I have always been very interested in market research directions. During my running market, I often heard the dealers and managers of various dealers and repair factories report that the situation was not as good as in previous years. But after carefully studying the China and the world market, you will find that the demand for lubricating oil markets is increasing every year, and demand is large.
    The following I will explain my point from the following aspects. I also hope that all seniors in the lubricant industry can criticize:
    Buy vehicles
    The a large number of cars, RVs, heavy trucks, passenger cars, school buses, heavy -duty, pickups, compartment cargo and other vehicles in the Chinese and world markets are 4S shops and manufacturers , Second -hand markets have entered the hands of riders and drove around. These new vehicles have undoubtedly increased new demand for lubricating oil. Although the economic situation is not good, it cannot affect the demand for car purchase, and the impact is only a small part.
    2. Newly -created vehicles
    The interviewing how many vehicles are flowing into the market every minute. Now how many new cars are parked in the garage of manufacturers per minute. There are about 96 car manufacturers in China, and about 45 of them have passenger car manufacturing lines. Take a light car (bread, pickup, car, car, etc.) for each line to calculate production capacity by minute. As long as each car is on the production line, lubricating oil is needed. There are at least hundreds of thousands of cars made by all Chinese car companies per hour. You think about the daily lubricant demand.
    3. Old vehicles running every year or vehicles that run through the running -in period
    The new cars enter the market every day, then there are old vehicles that are driving at the same time. How do these old vehicles already exist in the market are also more than the total number of cars that are new and parking in the manufacturer garage (do not consider tanks, ships, aircraft, agricultural machinery, bicycles, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.). These running vehicles themselves are a big demand, just like fixed assets.
    4, the production, manufacturing equipment during each second, every second, and every second, the manufacturing equipment
    This of our clothes, beverages, biscuits, cups, etc. all need to be manufactured by various machinery and equipment. Do you think about how many of these devices have in the country? How many equipment is running in the area where you live. It can be said that everything with gears require lubricating oil.
    5, other things that have frictions that need to be lubricated
    The actual demand for the market is very large. Demand, each dealer reflects hard to do it, the situation is not as good as in previous years. " Here, I only analyze it through my current understanding. Of course, the dealers are not good at doing behind -the -scenes factors and monopoly, government behavior, etc. I do n’t know. I do n’t have an analysis here. I hope that authoritative experts and experienced ones in the lubricating oil industry can give us a teachings to understand Confused.
    1. The small and similar chemical decomposition of the dealer's actual control market area
    For the whole country and the world, the daily market demand is very large, but the actual part of your hand (subject to your life (your life is your life The impact of regions, activity areas and boundaries) seems much smaller. Maybe you are in a county seat or a village or a city or several repair factories. At this time, the huge market demand has become a restrictive market demand here. I often see such a situation at the long -distance stations in several counties: there are four or five agents of Mobil, Kunlun, Great Wall, and unified brands near a county seat. This is like making two people's meals and four or five people to eat, so how many meals can you divide (no one admits that you have a small amount of meals when you are hungry).
    2, the psychological needs of terminal customers
    The people buy new cars every year. When buying a car, consider how to reduce the cost of buying car, and consider how to reduce the cost of use and maintain expenses after buying the car. The owners want their long car life, good maintenance, less maintenance, and personality. However, due to cost and convenience, it turned out that the 3,000 kilometers were changed once, and now 5,000 kilometers; the original run 5,000 kilometers, and now run 7500--10000 kilometers (Japanese system is generally 3000-5000 kilometers, the German system is generally 7500 7500 kilometer). Regardless of whether the new car owner or the old car owner, they will affect the oil exchange cycle like this, but we also see a new market demand point: the oil with less oil and long lubricating oil. For the lubricant of only 5,000 kilometers, the owner ran 7,500 kilometers. On the surface, it saved the oil exchange money, but in fact, the mechanical wear was more serious. Today, the oil exchange money for the saved may be the future repairs.
    3. The mechanical equipment during operation is not time -to -time
    . Of course, each person's attitude towards production equipment is not as good as their own car. Although some companies specifically stipulate that the oil is changed once and repairs regularly. But it is not clear to what extent it is to be seriously done. Some enterprise leaders prefer to use the saved oil money to do other things.
    4. The impact of counterfeit products
    During my running market, some agents told me that "our products were wholesale from the XX wholesale market. "Resistance". Here I don't doubt the authenticity of their products, but it is estimated that they have never understood where the products in the wholesale market come from. What's more, the real brand -name product uses better production raw materials, even if the wholesale price of the wholesale market will not be cheap. For dealers selling real products, the price impact of counterfeit product agents is more advantageous. For car owners and users, who has a low price buying in the same brand.
    5, the manufacturer specifies; internal dedication; XX car special oil
    once a agent told me, "Some lubricant oil is actually not good, but because the car manufacturer or 4S stores have certain Relationship, tell the buyer what brand of lubricating oil "; there is also a dealer who said to me," I have seen the lubricating oil factory of this brand. Although it is dedicated to the XX diesel engine, it is actually not good, but the owners do not understand and are "dedicated". In fact, they do not understand the harm. " The profits designated by the manufacturers or unique to customers in the hearts of customers have low profits, but they have to do it.
    Ar author: Song Yufei

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