How can a man satisfy a woman

It's not a problem that bothers men, it's a problem that bothers numerous men. Some men obviously don't have physical problems, but they simply can't get enough of a woman. Over time, men even have self-doubt. ​Then why don't men satisfy women sexually? Let's have a look at sexdollcentervip!

In general, men would never say they weren't interested in sex, or they might be suspected of impotence; ​women are different, and sexual apathy is not only not impotent, but can be a sign of morality. According to an online survey, approximately 70 percent of women and fewer than 20 percent of women take a "let nature take its course" with cold sex and see a doctor.

Under the influence of Eastern cultural traditions, the vast majority of domestic women do not use words to express their true emotions in sexual experience, but frequently vent or protest through boredom, irritability or silence, silence and unhappiness. It is difficult to say that family life is peaceful and blissful under such circumstances. Women who do not have sexual satisfaction and orgasm during sex face physical and mental damage. Use customize sex doll.

Psychologically, because the instinctive sexual physiological impulse energy has not been reasonable vent, mental excitement can not be relaxed and relaxed, numerous women suffer from neurosis. The e study found that 80 neurotic patients with cardiac neurosis, general weakness, general pain, neurasthenia and insomnia were associated with a lack of sexual satisfaction.

If women can not achieve sexual satisfaction, sexual physiological response is interrupted, pelvic and external genital congestion can not be subsided in time, leading to chronic pelvic hematoma. If there is no sexual satisfaction for a prolonged time, the uterus of a woman with chronic pelvic hemorrhage will increase by two to three times. In the long run, women are prone to vaginitis, endometritis, chronic pelvic inflammation and a series of gynecological inflammation.

There are numerous reasons for women's apathy. Overwork and illness can affect people's libido. In addition, there are mental and psychological factors, such as incorrect sex education at a youthful age, and various kinds of anxiety and fear left over from the stimulation of some sexual experiences.

One of the more significant reasons is that neither husband nor wife understands the sexual and psychological characteristics of men and women. In particular, the husband does not understand the difference between male and female responses, frequently ignoring warmth, so that the wife cannot experience pleasure and orgasm in sex life, naturally feeling bored and bored of sex. According to foreign statistics, more than 75% of men in sexual life after the beginning of 2-6 minutes into orgasm ejaculation, into the refractory period, the end of sex; ​most women need eight minutes - only 15 minutes of intercourse to reach orgasm. This kind of imbalance of male and female physiology is the enemy of harmonious sex life, and is usually one of the critical inducements of various sexual psychological and sexual physiological diseases.

In addition, unhappy marriages, stress, depression, anxiety and other emotions can also affect libido.

In terms of ruling out disease, the root cause of female sexual apathy is usually psychological, especially sexual disharmony. The biggest difference between women and men is that men are visual animals and are normally sexually aroused by visual stimuli; ​women are more verbal animals and need sweet words to spark feelings. The spouse's lack of understanding and concern is usually the root of the problem.

Now, do you understand why you can't satisfy a woman? Of course, sex is a two-person affair, and everyone involved should be completely attentive to each other's feelings, understand each other's thoughts, and actively cooperate to make sex perfect and satisfying to each other.

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