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  1. 1. Xin Duoxi
    2, Xinyida
    3, Xin Shengjia
    4, Xin Jinlheng
    5, Phil Merler
    6, Dr. Steel
    7, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang Yihe
    8, Hongwang Group
    9, Wanjiahong
    10, Kaiyuanhong
    The ranking of manufacturers and brands above the list is not separated. for reference.
    usually stainless steel plates can be divided into: 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, drawing board, mirror panel, wood grain board, decorative plate, color plate, matte plate, etching plate, snowflower sand, rose gold, rose gold, rose gold , Green Copper, Steel Thread, Champagne Gold, Honeycomb, Sand Black, Mirror Green and so on.
    The stainless steel pipe: 201 square tube, 316 square tube, 316 flat tube, 304 drawing, wave tube, water pipe bag, color tube, thick wall tube, hollow pipe, water pipe, rectangular pipe, heat water pipe, heat water pipe, heat water pipe , Oval tube, bathroom tube, brushed tube, steel square tube, polishing tube, hexagonal steel, golden tube, etc.
    This stainless steel products: guardrails, craft products, flower screens, cabinets, metal brackets, metal flower pots, carved screens, porch partitions, etc.
    Ixing, Xin Yida, Hongwang Group, and Phil Merler, four manufacturers, have greatly improved their product quality and are deeply loved by users.
    The stainless steel industry group in Foshan City, Guangdong is mainly distributed in Chencun, Shunde District, and has two major trading markets of Jinyu International Metal Trading Plaza and Liyuan Metal Logistics City. The manufacturers and merchants who run stainless steel plates usually rent a store gear in the trading market, and there are processed workshops and warehousing warehouses in the surrounding factories. On March 23, 2022, in a tea party in several stainless steel industries in Chencun Town, Foshan City, some people asked: What are the more famous stainless steel board manufacturers in Foshan? This article combines multiple information to recommend the top ten manufacturers of stainless steel plates.

  2. 1. Tai Steel Stainless Steel
    2, Baosteel Stainless Steel
    3, Jiu Steel Stainless Steel
    4, Wanshitai Stainless Steel
    5, Creative Stainless Steel
    6, Lianzhong Stainless Steel
    7, Baoxin Xin Stainless Steel
    8, Everbright Stainless Steel
    9, Shida ALC Stainless Steel
    10, Pu Xiang ZPSS stainless steel

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