Ball ink cast iron pipe construction process

The city's water supply and drainage pipeline installation process, DN900 and DN1200's ball -ink cast iron pipes totaling 50 kilometers

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  1. The construction of the ball and ink cast iron pipe is very simple. Each pipe has two sides of the prototype and the socket. The promotion and the socket can be connected through the rubber ring. Generally, there is no problem!

  2. Clean up the surface of the socket
    The end of the socket is a rounded corner and there is a certain
    contest degree
    , coating the lubricant on the surface of the tape (
    ) The lubricant is evenly brushed on the surface of the rubber ring that has been installed in the promotion, and brushes the lubricant on the outer surface of the socket to the slope of the socket.
    The sockets are on the promotion
    In the positive

    , hanging
    R n, a steel wire rope, move the hand to pull the gourd, and put the socket into the laboratory. And pay attention to the position of the white line to ensure that the angle is 3 degrees.
    The inspection
    The first section of the tube and the second tube must be accurate, and the pipe promotion is in the direction of the water. After the first section of the tube, use the wire rope and
    to lock it to prevent the blucting. After the installation, check whether the position of the push into the latter meets the requirements. Use the ruler to insert into the insertion gap gap to check whether the position of the rubber ring is correct, and check whether the glue ring hit well.
    In installation of precautions
    (1) When the tube needs to be short, the socket is processed into the shape of the slope. The cutting tube must be
    R n
    (2) Before the glue ring is on the glue ring, be careful not to brush the lubricant in the surface surface, otherwise the interface fails.

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