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  1. Let me also express my personal opinion and tell you the truth. My dream is also a director, but I am learning Chinese. Now I do n’t have any experience in filming. This dream is almost everywhere. You are not the same. You are a major media major, somewhat similar, and you have so many film experience. You have the ability, so don't give up anyway.
    The well -known directors are not from directors of directors, so as long as you have a dream, talented (believe that you are talented), and love it if you love it, you can't live. No matter how unwilling, you have to stay in the movie circle in the movie circle, and you must be prepared at all times. With the opportunity, you will welcome it.
    I can tell you for sure that there will be no movie companies. The movie owner will give you money to make movies at the beginning. Now Chinese movies are very downturn, including Hong Kong movies. The director's film audience bought it, and most of the others could not have files in the cinema, even if the Chinese film market has good potential. Many literary films buy international copyrights through exports, but most of them are not sold high, and most of them lose money. Therefore, the only way out of literary films (or other low -cost films) is to win awards at foreign film festivals, especially in Europe's three major international film festivals and Oscar (if possible). The film is to write the script.
    writing the script, constantly writing the script, constantly being beaten back, and constantly modifying. As long as this is the case, you can grasp the plot long film, the deep understanding of the film's deep content, the complex and delicate heart of the characters' heart Only the interpretation of life and emotions can be in place and the plot can be controlled. So if you want to be a director, you must constantly write the script. Whether it is in China, the same is true in Hollywood, even Hollywood. I believe you know that Li An’s successful experience is also known. He also constantly wrote the script at home and wrote at home for six years. He recalled that he found that anyone around him could be a director and made his achievements. People who continue to write the script instead of working as soon as they go out of the school, do some work, bonding or production work. Those people will continue the job later, and it is difficult to develop to the director.
    Wu Yusen also said that in Hollywood, many young people who have pursuing movies work desperately on the one hand, below, write the script desperately, waiting for the opportunity. Both Wang Jiawei and Feng Xiaogang continued to write the script for other directors. The adapted movies won a lot of awards, and the script also won the award, and then the opportunity to switch to the director. Li An also directed his first film after the script was awarded. Like the United States in Quentin Talentino, he is a salesperson in an audiovisual store, watched a lot of movies, learned the technique of film production, and then wrote the script, earned money by selling the script, and then had the opportunity to contact some film circles in the movie industry. The producers and actors, filmed the movie "Falling Dog" adapted from the script I wrote. After that, the reputation was noisy. , Caused a huge sensation.
    So I suggest that you still start with the script, so that you will slowly accumulate your connections, improve your ability in essence, and wait for the opportunity. To make movies, connections are quite important. It must have the right, money, and resources. Lack of these is difficult to play. Therefore, it must be grinded step by step. Of course, if it has something to do with the senior management of the studio, it will be easier, but it is essential.
    The example is here to give you an example of Speelberg. He is a short film for college and then comes to the global production company. After many twists and turns, let the global senior be seen. He, then he dropped out of school and signed a contract with Global. After those weeks, he said to himself, and his father would never forgive him to leave the school. The contract signed by Spielberg is a standard "voluntary service" seven -year agreement. Under the agreed restrictions, Speelberg sells every minute to Global Corporation. This is called the "Death Treaty". Only the lunatic or the crazy ambitions will sign this contract, and Spielberg is exactly both. After that, with the support of his friends, he brought together people's connections and resources of all parties and filmed "Great White Shark" that shocked the world.
    So it is not easy. There is no shortcut in this road, only to rely on yourself to be hulking. Continuously writing the script. If you have the conditions, you can shoot a few short films. The professional and technical must be skilled, and the resources are constantly entered.
    The society is very realistic and powerful, and there are many things we have power. But as long as you want to dream, fight, after all, we are young.
    I wish you good luck! Chinese movies need a group of lunatics like a dream, pursuit, and perseverance. Hope you are one of them.

  2. I really envy you, my dream is the same as you, but now the college entrance examination is forced to fill in the major I like.
    I accidentally see your question, nor does it answer the question, but just look at it, just look at it. I feel very touched afterwards, I really envy you, at least you have made production

  3. Now the social reality is very
    . You will lose more money to those leaders (also find the Buddhist gates)
    I scared them, I hope you go smoothly,
    Dangdao gave me a signature puppet, and the actors who worked with you gave me a
    ... I look forward to puppets
    Cunge, brother. Young is desperate

  4. Although I don’t know much, but I think the fastest way is to go to the film and television base to see the fastest way to climb up from the assistant. Climbing up and then starting from the TV series and then turning the movie should be easier to tell the truth. To be honest, the famous directors are all kinds of real understanding. The director was also hot.

    It personal opinion, do not spit out if you have capital or try some film and television companies for interviews or you can speculate on variety shows. Similar to you, you can interview The actor may not be able to do it, hehe

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