5 thoughts on “How can I get familiar with the strange people quickly?”

  1. How much praise others, praise others, praise the strengths and advantages of others, moderate, don't make people feel that you are shooting, you should say hello and let others know how to know you, establish friendship with others, friends encounter friends encounter encounter Give some emotional help in difficulties, friends can become hands and feet, and do n’t do everything for themselves. When needed, find friends to help. This is the most important way to build emotion. You can explain that you can be friends. If he minds, try to keep some distances. Such people are not very good for getting along well. You can talk to him more about him and go out to play with him. The relationship is naturally fine.

  2. Quickly familiar with strangers, and you can go:
    Actively participating and actively spoke;
    The is targeted, just right;
    civilized politeness, broadcast positive energy.
    As long as your statement is appreciated, you will naturally be respected by everyone. You are a striking role.

  3. share! This is a long -lasting truth! No matter which level or today's real society, when you want to quickly integrate into a strange group, you are the active party, so you have to initiate sharing. You can start from the simplest to buy some snacks, or your own small gifts. Essence Essence When others accept and say thank you, this is successful, and it will slowly integrate into this group.

  4. If you are not good at communicating, you can try to start with the dialogue habits of the people around you. Try to find someone you feel easy to chat. When chatting, be careful not to talk about yourself. Breaking the atmosphere in a hurry, sometimes it is easier to be more embarrassing; of course, you can first shape a satisfactory image and use it to communicate. If you are worthy of friendship, friends who know that you are willing to accept your true personality can gradually return to yourself after being familiar with familiarity. It looks like it, but it must be practical when shaping.

  5. First of all, we must learn to observe strangers, quickly capture the characteristics of strangers, talk about some topics he is interested in, and then let him feel that you are very close to him. Gradually relax and are willing to open your mind to communicate with your door.

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