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  1. How to invite friends after getting married
    Mo how to invite friends to get married. Generally, we have common ways to get invitations such as text messages, telephones, WeChat, and oral notifications. Friends, classmates, and colleagues can also have a deep impression, hoping that marriage invitations can also have new ideas. How to invite friends after getting married, let's take a look.
    Moving friends how to invite friends 1. Invitation
    The invitation invitation is the most common way to get invitations at present. This form of invitations not only traditional but also formal. For: the name of the invited person, the time of the wedding banquet, and the address of the hotel. Such an invitation method is simple and clear, which makes people look clear at a glance. It is a more popular invitation.

    . SMS invitation
    It in the form of MMS, the above is the wedding photo of the newcomer, the editor's wedding information, very environmentally friendly, very new! It's just that the invitation is not too much. Applicable to elders and colleagues will make people feel that it is not so formal.如果家里比较讲究的长辈,说不定还会为此耿耿于怀,觉得自己不被尊重呢!rn 所以建议这样的邀请方式,只适用于好友之间,因为大家都是年轻人,都It is more able to understand each other, and it is easier to accept new things! But after the SMS invitation is sent, it is best to make a phone call to ask if the other party receives, whether they can attend, and do a understanding of the number of people attending, so that you can arrange for your own arrangements. seat.

    three. Telephone invitation
    The two friends to get married, both of which are invited by phone. Although it feels a little incomplete, because the family is far away, it is really not convenient to send a invitation.
    is just inviting by phone, and it seems that the transmission of wedding information seems to be a little bit lacking. It would be better if you can add a SMS invitation after the phone invitation. Especially when the wedding is issued two or three days before the wedding, it can also play a reminder. After all, the impression of call invitation is not so profound!

    . WeChat invitation
    WeChat is very popular at the moment. One of the social software, so many young people will send the wedding invitation letter into a connection method to the invited relatives and relatives, which can save a lot of time and add romantic background music to the connection to make people open When connecting, you can feel your strong love.
    5. Oral notice
    In the candy to friends, by the way, tell your friends about your wedding period and wedding place, and then say, "If everyone has time to go to the scene," (there is no time without time "(without time Well, even if you don't want to go), then they know, they can go with nature, just go.
    In marriage, how to invite friends 2 to get married, invite SMS
    , the popular version
    1. Dear friends, this moment finally arrived, I decided to end the days when he led his little hands, hesitated without hesitation, Running to all the couple's longing and sweetness, and vowed to make happiness to the end. Please come to share our love for the first time, and wish us a happy marriage.
    2. Love to go home, love wives, love to cook, and also love to make cows and horses. I am not Chun, nor Zeng, I am XXX. I am not the same as you, I am going to get married! Time: X Month X Daily, location: XX Hotel.
    3. Don't doubt your eyes, I (xxx) finally decided to be at XX Hotel at XX when XX Moon X, XX, XX, and walked into another stage of life with XX. : At that time, you must participate on time, otherwise I will mobilize all the masses around me to give you the most despised eyes and hurry up.
    4. Hey, **** month *** ** to participate in the wedding banquet of XX and XX, remember to arrive on time, the address is still remembered, just at xxxxxxx, sincerely invite you to witness.
    5. I would like to borrow the wedding ceremony of the Grand Calendar *** Years*Month*month*month*day. Prepare the Philippines and wait for the end.
    6. Marriage, the most important thing is happy. Are you hungry? Please come to eat a wedding banquet. Now, don't say I didn't remind you. When X Moon X Day X, XX Hotel! Sooner or later, you have to pay back!

    Wedding photos
    . Elderly version
    1. Settled at a certain point (a few days of week) to hold a wedding ceremony for certain and so Xiyu, please come to visit, and the invitation of Moumou and Moumo.
    2. Our happiness requires your blessings and witness: sincerely invite you to the wedding of XX and Mou-12:00 pm in a certain month and a certain day, a restaurant and a certain hall. Thank you for your support and care, we are looking forward to your arrival!
    3. Hello, I am scheduled to hold a wedding ceremony with a certain day at noon, a certain day of the year, a certain day, a certain place, and the place is a certain place. On a certain floor of the hotel, I sincerely hope that you will bring your family to participate, thank you for your blessings.
    The invitations to invite you to pay attention to the invitation. For example, the elders need to show your sincerity. If you are a flat or junior, you can simply and funny.

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