Hangzhou sells for 82.7 billion land a day. Can the city's improvement drive the prosperity of the property market?

4 thoughts on “Hangzhou sells for 82.7 billion land a day. Can the city's improvement drive the prosperity of the property market?”

  1. It is difficult. Selling land is just a superficial prosperity. In the context of the national housing residence, it is not realistic to make large -scale speculation on real estate.
    First of all, the state's control over the real estate industry is still relatively strict. Although the current economic development momentum has slowed down, some people propose to take out the real estate and speculate in this way. Essence However, the state also issued relevant notices for such an idea. The most important of which is to adhere to the policy of housing and not speculating. Then the chance of hype on real estate again during this epidemic is very low. We also know that if the real estate is excessively developed, excessive hype will cause damage to the economy of our country, and many people will be deeply disappointed with excessive hype real estate, so they want to promote the entire economy by operating real estate to promote the entire economy. Development and prosperity are not realistic, so although the land market has rebounded, it is also very difficult to drive further prosperity in the real estate market through the improvement of the land market.
    It, for the current real estate industry, their inventory real estate is still more. Due to the boom of the entire real estate and real estate speculation in previous years, many people also have in the process of speculation in real estate. There are a lot of inventory backlogs, and many real estate has not been sold recently, so under this situation, many companies have also introduced many price reduction policies for promotion, so they want to be in this way During the time period, more real estate projects are difficult to get the approval of relevant departments on the one hand, but that many real estate companies have no confidence to develop real estate.
    At last, many people think that there must be cash in their hands to bring a sense of security, and the foundation of the hype is not there, so it is difficult to drive the real estate market through the prosperity of the land market.

  2. Yes, because the city's good representative development merchants will increase the construction of new houses, thereby increasing the transaction rate of ordinary people to buy a house, and finally driving the real estate economy.

  3. It can not drive the prosperity of the property market, but housing prices in first -tier cities will basically be stable, and the property market may still have a prosperity.

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