2 thoughts on “How to open the Taobao seller version of Wangwangqun stores?”

  1. 1. First of all, you have to open the store, at least one of your own group.
    2, then double -click the group, open the group chat window, pay attention to the "group announcement" "group announcement" and "shop dynamic" mouse click "Store News" at the top right of the window, and then pop up "upgrade to shop group", which will pop up. You can open the shop group to click on the button.
    as shown in the figure:

  2. If you click on the friend of the left sidebar in the Wangwang Panel, you can see my group. Double -click the "Double -click immediately" option at the top of the list. Open the "Enable Group" dialog box, set up group names, group classification, and group introduction in them;@Choose other Taoyou friends when joining the group verification method; click the "Submit" button
    In the dialog box that is opened to open the next opening. It will be prompted to create a successful creation and display the number of the group created.

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