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  1. Graphic Design Alliance: 5643232, this is not bad! I am in it too! Let's discuss the problem together!

    The understanding of design definition and concepts will be the first step of understanding design, which helps understand the scope of our responsibilities as a quasi -graphic designer. rnrn平面设计的正名与分类:rnrn 设计一词来源于英文"design",包括很广的设计范围和门类建筑:工业、环艺、装潢、 Display, clothing, graphic design, etc., but the current name of the graphic design is very difficult in the usual expression, because the current communication between disciplines is wider and deeper. ) Visual communication design, decoration design ... This may have a lot to do with the characteristics of graphic design, because the design is omnipresent and the graphic design is omnipresent. From the scope, it is related to the graphic design. "Acts that reaches a certain degree of vision through the person itself", which is called visual communication, that is, to transmit information and expression in visual language, and decoration design or decoration art design It is one -sided.

    Now, when we understand the scope and connotation of graphic design, let's take a look at the classification of graphic design, such as image system design, font design, book decoration design, line recording design, line recording design , Packaging design, poster/poster design ... You can say how many designs need to be said.
    It, commercial design and art design obviously exist.

    graphic design The concept:

    The design is a purposeful planning. Graphic design is one of the forms that these plans will adopt. In the graphic design, you need to use visual elements to spread your ideas and plans, use text and text and text The graphics conveys the information to the audience, so that people can understand your ideas and plans through these visual elements. This is the definition of our design. The survival line of a visual work should see if he has the energy that moves others and passes out smoothly. The information behind it, in fact she is more like interpersonal relationships, and conquer the object according to the charm. Does your design have the charm of grasping people's hearts? Is it love at first sight or water -to -form? The son of rebellion, or a rigorous scholar. In fact, the graphic designer has multiple roles. You need to know and know the other. You need to investigate the object. Your design represents the customer's product, and the customer needs your feelings to impress others. In fact, you are the "betrayal" relationship. The graphic design is an art that has close connections with specific purposes. Features:

    If design is a combination of technology and art, the product of a business society. In the business society, the balance of art design and creative ideals is needed. People speak.

    The design is different from the art, because the design must be in line with the aesthetic nature, it must be practical, for people, and people -oriented. Design is a need, not just decoration. R. n
    The design is not completed The concept, design needs to be excellent, continuously improved, needs to challenge yourself, and declare war on yourself. The key to design is that it is found that only through in -depth feelings and experiences can it be achieved, and impressive others are a challenge for designers. The design must be moved, enough details can be moved by themselves. The graphic creativity itself can move people, the color quality can be moved, the material texture can move people, ... the design of the design of the design of the design is organic. In addition, designers should understand that the rigorous attitude can cause the vibration of people's minds.

    The road of graphic design:

    The design learning may have many different ways, because this is determined by designing a diversified knowledge structure, no matter what you did before, what you did before No matter what you used to do, after entering the design field, your previous experience will affect you, and you will face the possibility of challenges and elimination. As you want to make greatness, you will never be based on the subjective desire of people. The same can be achieved ...

    1. Do you confirm that you want to enter this field? -The designer's knowledge structure

    The design diversified knowledge structure will require designers to have a diversified knowledge and information acquisition method.

    The first step: starting with the understanding of points, lines, and noodles, learn to master the foundation of plane composition, color composition, three -dimensional composition, perspective, etc. , Master the law of visual physiology, understand the concept of design elements.

    Step 2: Can you draw sketches? The results of the 1998 Australian Industrial Design Consultant Committee surveyed the results of the 10 skills that graduates of design majors should have: "It should have excellent sketches and the ability to paint by hand, as designed with fast and unreasonable visual graphics expression ability , Painting art is the source of design, and the design sketch is the form of thought. We have reason to believe that painting is the basis of graphic design, the basis of graphic design design! "

    Step 3: You What else is missing? Lack of learning of traditional courses, such as ceramics, prints, watercolors, oil paintings, photography, calligraphy, Chinese painting, black and white paintings, etc., too many, you still ask yourself! No matter how these courses will strengthen the hands -on ability, performance and aesthetic ability of your design at different levels. The most important thing for them is to let you understand what art is, and more importantly, you find your own personality, but this is also a one Long -term process.

    Step 4: "Can I start designing?"? Of course, what do you want to design? As you want to start playing games, do you know the rules of the game? But you do n’t have to worry. You have entered the professional learning, and it also means that you have just begun. You will be indomitable, not impetuous, pragmatic, practical, and practical attitude into this field. Take the design as an example. What kind of background knowledge do we need, the significance of the logo, the origin of the sign, the characteristics of the logo, the design principles of the logo, the artistic law of the logo, the manifestation of the sign, the method of the symbol, the method of the sign, What needs to be understood? Why are Coca -Cola popular all over the world; why are we eager to wear Lee brand jeans? As a designer, are you satisfied with the visual environment around us? Ask yourself, what is your design ideal?

    Step 5: Can you distinguish the design of the design, do you know why? In the previous step, through the study of basic knowledge of design, unknowingly, you have entered the imitation stage of design. In order to advance, we must review history, and we must change from the study of theoretical books to learning to learn from predecessors and outstanding designers. At this stage, with a relatively long -term process, your design level may be very unstable. Sometimes you are confused and sometimes happy. With a large number of practice and gradually mastering the entire operation process, start to move towards mature designers.

    You need to learn rules before breaking the rules.

    1. Can you become an excellent and outstanding designer? -The requirements for designers

    1. Successful designers should have the following points:
    a, strong and keen feeling ability
    b, invention and creation capabilities
    c,,,, The aesthetic appraisal ability of the work
    D, the expression ability of design conception
    e, with a comprehensive professional intelligence

    Modern designers must have a broad cultural perspective, deep wisdom and wisdom and Rich knowledge; people who must be innovative, sensitive, and solve problematic, should consider social reflection and social effects, and strive to design works to be beneficial to society, improve people's aesthetic ability, psychological joy and satisfaction. Sumulating the characteristics of contemporary times reflects the true aesthetic taste and ideal ideal. At least you should understand that excellent designers have their "self" techniques, clear images, and logical views.

    2, the designer must be confident and firmly believes in his personal belief, experience, vision, and taste. Not blindly obedient, not lonely, not arrogant, not floating. Face with a rigorous academic attitude, not to be personality for personality, and not designed for design. As a designer, you must have a unique quality and superb design skills, that is, no matter how complicated the design topic, you can carefully summarize the experience, think carefully, repeatedly scrutinize, and draw on the excellent design essence of the same type. create.

    3, graphic design as a occupation, the high and low of the professional ethics of the designer have a lot to do with the perfectness of the designer personality. Often, the level of the design level of a designer is the perfectness of the personality. Gao Qi's understanding, weighing ability, identifying ability, coordination ability, ability to do ... will help him spend one obstacle in designing life, so designers must pay attention to personal cultivation. Form, then practice its product. "

    4. The improvement of design must be carried out in continuous learning and practice. The extensive involvement and focus of designers are contradictory and unified. The former is the source of inspiration and expression. manner. A good design is not just the creation of graphics. He is the result of many intellectual labor. It involves different fields and takes different roles. Essence The most important thing in design is ideas. Good ideas need to be academic and time to hatch. The design also needs a broad field of vision, so that the information has a broad source of information. Touch -level by -to -line is one of the important features of learning graphic design. Art is essentially common. The continuous supply of culture and wisdom is a magic weapon for the long trees of the design world.

    5, the design of individual personality may be from the long -established cultural traditions and the national culture of the nation. The nationality and originality and personality are also valuable. One of the designer's knowledge background. The future designers are no longer a narrow nationalist, and the signs of each nation are more reflected in the spiritual level of the nation. The nation and tradition will also become a pattern or design element. Tradition and culture.

    The science of flat vision:

    The visual will bring a series of physiological, psychological, emotional, and action -in -laws. Design is visual experience In science, he includes two aspects, one is the basic response of a person who does not change, that is, the physiological feelings, and the other is a immediately or uncertain factors. Such as personal preferences, personality, etc., etc.

    . The relatively stable aspects:
    mainly are physiological visual perception. I like coherent, duplicate, like contrasts, and in terms of color, people's favorite is actually comparison complementary colors. These are all related to people's physiological habits, and they are all instinctual reactions of physical function. As designers, we should fully understand and use these knowledge. Design is a concern for human beings. First, we should study the relatively stable aspects of culture and human perception methods, and we need to summarize it in practice.

    . The aspect of unstable:
    The unstable aspects mainly refer to the differences in emotion, quality, taste, and experience. You need to have a certain judgment and grasp ability in the design process. You need to be objective and restrained to complete excellent design.

    . The science of design thinking:
    The design must have a scientific way of thinking, can find the difference in the same Methods, such as vertical association thinking, horizontal association thinking, and divergent thinking, and be good at using scientific thinking methods to find strange new visual images, new possibilities can be constantly discovered.

    The science of flat vision is actually a great and profound science. Only by the sound and in -depth promotion of this learning can we ensure the general improvement of design levels. Here it is just to put forward this view, and it will also need to systematically organize and discuss the research results of other disciplines in the future.

    The general process of graphic design:

    The process of plane design is the process of planning and continuous improvement of steps. Whether the concept is accurate and consider whether it is perfect. The beauty of design is endless, and the improvement depends on attitude.

    . Investigation
    Ilvance is the process of understanding things, and the design requires purpose and complete survey. Background, market survey, industry survey (about brands, audiences, products ...), about positioning, expression techniques, ... survey is the beginning and foundation of design (background knowledge).

    . The content
    is divided into two parts: theme and specific content. This is the basic material of the designer before designing.

    . The concept
    The idea is the first step of design, and thinking in design is more important than everything. The concept has always been independent of design. Maybe it is the hardest thing to convey the idea in your visual works.

    . Mobilize visual elements
    The basic elements in the design are equivalent to the components of your work. Each element must have the purpose of transmitting and strengthening the transfer information. Really excellent designers are often very "stingy", and every use of an element will consider from the overall needs. In one layout, the constituent element can be divided according to the category, such as:
    The title, inside, background, color tone, subject graphics, white -leaving, visual center and so on. The graphic design layout is the process of organizing different elements for organic combination. For example, in the layout, there are often many forms, regular frameworks, and non -regular frameworks, which can be seen in the layout. Good or bad is a very particular about. The process of choosing font style is a process of aesthetic judgment, and in the use of color elements, it can reflect the designer's understanding and cultivation of color. Color is a language (information). The color has emotion, which can make people associate, and make people feel cold and warm, front and back, severity, size, and so on. Good at mobilizing visual elements is one of the essential abilities of designers.

    5. Selecting the performance method
    This is technique. Today, if the visual product is flooded, it is not easy to move the audience. More visual works have been automatically used by people's eyes. Ignoring it. How many ways do you want to pass your information? One is the complete and perfect design method of traditional aesthetics, which will be appreciated and read by the audience. The two are the three types of crazy advertisements in the novel or surprising way (including on the material) to force the carpet -like bombing. And what kind of one we need? Although all three methods can achieve their goals, we know that their returns are different.

    It the processing and expression techniques of many graphics in the three major middle schools, such as comparison, analogy, exaggeration, symmetry, primary and dark, mutation, contradiction, radiation, rhythm, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness. Cold and warm, area and other forms. In addition, there are hand -drawn effects from the effect of graphics, such as oil painting, pencils, watercolors, prints, crayons, graffiti ... and other photography, old photos, and so on. So do you have to choose which one? This depends on your purpose and target group, as well as your design level.

    . Balancing
    The balance can bring visual and psychological satisfaction. The designer must solve the balance of the field in the picture. Ability, balance and imbalance are relative, whether to meet the theme requirements as the standard. The balance is divided into symmetrical balance and asymmetric balance, including the balance of points, lines, faces, color, and space.

    . Seven, colorful
    Remember, you have to create a visual excitement point to sublimate your work.

    8. About style
    Stends as designers are sometimes opposed to style. The formation of fixed style means self -dead death, but the style is also a designer personality, preference, experience, cultivation, cultivation, and cultivation. The reflection is also a sign of the designer's mature, thinking that "understand Datong can only walk the edge alone."

    . Production
    The inspection items include: graphics, fonts, text, color, arrangement, proportion, bleeding ...
    Requirements: visual imagination and effect must be pleasing to the eye, And more importantly, it is understood by the audience!

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