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  1. With the increase of business volume, enterprises of education and training institutions need to use SMS groups to promote SMS marketing. First of all, a good marketing template is essential. You can click on me in this regard. The avatars are looking for a professional SMS group sending platform at the same time, and the personal mobile phone sending text messages can easily be judged by the operator to intercept and the professional SMS sending platform is effective. The most important thing to send on a personal mobile phone is that it will not be intercepted by the operator

  2. Marketing promotion methods of education and training institutions can be divided into traditional marketing promotion methods and social marketing promotion methods. The traditional promotion method is mainly through the promotion of enrollment agencies, distribution, online promotion, etc. WeChat social promotion is currently a very common promotion method, mainly through the WeChat group applet, such as the small program among the Riddle Assistant, which is the small program. A software that is currently commonly used by many training and education institutions

  3. 1. Group cracking.
    The parents of your experience lessons into a group, can share the content of course content every night, and you can also release the PDF materials that parents are interested in. The standard is to pull three parents into the group. n2. Store celebration activities.
    The theme activities of each field are different. It is okay to give gifts without the theme activities. The cost increases but the actual effect is better than the promotion. It is very easy to listen to the class.

  4. The scale of China's training industry has increased continuously. As of 2017, more than 20,000 major and medium -sized training institutions across the country, the potential market size of Chinese education and training has been huge and has maintained a rapid development trend. The growth rate of the education and training market has slowed down, and increasing increasing increase. In 2017, the consumption scale of the education and training market in my country is expected to reach 430.1 billion yuan, which does not include the number of potential consumption. According to this situation, by 2020, with the deepening of quality education, the extra -curricular training and counseling of the primary and secondary school education market will be the will be the general training and tutoring guidance of the primary and secondary school education market. It is more popular, with great potential, and the market size exceeds 1 trillion.
    The education and training industry in the future can be described as a future, but in such a prospect, how can the education and training industry be marketing? The way of promotion mainly includes online and offline, for the development of the current hot trends of the Internet and the advantages of related costs, it is recommended to use online ways to promote it.
    a, promotion channels
    The most important part of marketing is the choice of channels. Channel not only determines how much traffic, but also the quality of traffic. If the channel is not done well, it is difficult to work anyway in the following links.
    On the promotion channel how to formulate and how to choose?
    The core is to clarify the target user of the product. Based on the user's habits, the appropriate channels are speculated. In the process of subsequent promotion And optimization.
    For example, no matter what type of education products, it is necessary to learn relatively long -term and high -frequency use. Mini programs and apps are the best choices. Powerful products always need APP to maintain higher viscosity and retention, and there are more in -depth operating solutions such as push messages. Considering the retained channels as user precipitation, it is also necessary to consider the channels for promotion and cooperate with two -way interaction with the reserved channels.
    If it is an adult skills education, usually the user’s family conditions are available, there is knowledge and curiosity. Such users may be easier to get in touch, so we lock in incremental channels. The way of knowing and answering and comments, promoting products is a better choice.
    In addition, depending on the number of promotion resources, there are many channels that need attention. Search engine's SEO/SEM is required. To what extent, it needs to be dependent on resource needs. There are also many techniques about SEO and SEM. You need to try
    -feedback -optimization process. The natural traffic of the headlines, Weibo, and Jianshu are relatively large, and can also be tried to establish and promote the characteristics of the product.
    b, promotion method
    has many promotion methods. From the perspective of channels, it is divided into payment and free. From the perspective of content, it is divided into soft text and hard wide. It should be noted that all promotion is based on content. Therefore, the creation and output of content are first.
    In soft text is more important to withdraw the brand's tone and the strength of the brand. In traditional marketing theory, it can be said that it can enhance the popularity and reputation of the product. Transformation.
    The content is closely related to the carrier. Whether it is hard and soft, it is the first to consider what channels and identity. If product demand is not the most just needed, then the demand is improved to a certain extent through soft and wide ways, and the demand is the best to connect the product. For example, there are many issues that recommend buying categories. Most of them are not just needed. If you take a hard advertisement, it can be almost certain that the effect will be poor, because it is easy to describe the advantages of the product. It's difficult.
    So the effects of such marketing are the best. Through large V, Zhihu recommendation and other carriers, rendering and enhanced motivations can improve the sales of non -rigid products. Corresponding to education and training, it is more similar to adult skills training.
    . On the other hand, if it is relatively needed, such as K12 education
    , there is no need to say more about the importance. Our content only needs to describe "my product is better". Therefore, you can pay more attention to the hard and wide methods such as CPC advertising, information flow (Weibo, etc.) advertising, patch advertising (video, etc.), news advertising (headlines, etc.), and the carrier uses the official number to be more professional.
    c, promotion cost
    In addition to the above promotion methods, promotion costs also need to be considered. That is the general ROI.
    not only the clicks and exposure costs of hard advertisements, but also the labor cost of soft text and free channel promotion. Many bosses have a misunderstanding: I hope to do more free channels, thinking that such costs are lower. In fact, many times the waste of time and labor far exceed some cost -effective advertising channels.
    The cost does not have too many techniques. More importantly, finding the promotion method suitable for your own company and accumulating cost experience.

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