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  1. The main policies and laws and regulations of the liquor industry
    (1) The outline of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" development plan
    March 2011, "The Twelfth Five -Year Planning Outline of the National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China"
    or review and approve the fourth meeting of the 11th National People's Congress. The outline of the plan proposes: the theme of scientific development, the main line of accelerating the transformation of economic development, deepening reform and opening up, and ensuring and improving people's livelihood. Expand consumer domestic demand on the strategic role of expanding domestic demand, in -depth implementation of the basic national policy of saving resources and environmental protection, strengthening the construction of the public safety system, and ensuring food and drug safety.
    (2) Industrial policy and related laws and regulations "" Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2011) "(2011) (National Development and Reform Commission Order No. 9) continues the" Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2005 Book of 2005 Book ) "(Order 40 of the National Development and Reform Commission), the" liquor production line "is included in the" restricted class ". According to the "Decision of the State Council on the Implementation of the Interim Provisions on Promoting the Adjustment of Industrial Structure" (Guofa [2005] No. 40), in this type of project, relevant state departments shall follow the requirements of optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, follow the principles of survival of the fittest, and implement it, and implement it, and implement the principles of survival of the fittest and implement it. Category guidance allows enterprises to take measures and upgrades within a certain period of time, and financial institutions continue to support support in accordance with the principle of credit. In order to actively respond to the influence of the international financial crisis, further expand domestic demand and promote the rapid economic growth of the economy. From January to February 2009, the Executive Meeting of the State Council has successively reviewed and approved the adjustment and revitalization plan of the top ten key industries including light industry. According to the executive meeting of the State Council, the light industry assumes an important task of prospering the market, expanding employment, and serving the "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas". Revitalizing the light industry must strive to expand market demand, accelerate independent innovation, promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, take green ecology, quality and safety, and cycle. The new type of economic development includes: actively expand urban and rural consumption, increase effective domestic supply; accelerate technological progress; strengthen food safety; strengthen independent brand construction, support superior brand enterprises to merge and reorganize across regions, increase industrial concentration; strengthen industrial policy policy; strengthen industrial policy policies Guide to cultivate the development of light industry characteristics and industrial clusters; strengthen corporate management and comprehensively improve product quality.

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