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  1. Introduction

    . The essence of Pingjiang Culture, the essence of Pingjiang culture, use your legs to visit the real Suzhou culture in the history of 2500 years. ) Polyqiao Lane ", Pan Shien's old house, Pan Zuyin's former residence, Gujia Garden after the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the most famous architectural Tiangong Temple in the old days, cultural relics protection units at all levels of Donghua Bridge Lane, and controlled buildings. There are also authentic Suzhou cuisine brought to you: double -skinned milk, bubbles, wine brews, sugar porridge, etc.
    has no predetermined goals, only the scheduled point. The beauty of the ancient city of Suzhou is not the goal, enjoying this feeling of exploration and constant surprise. After walking on the streets, discovering unknown beauty, no clear schedule, chaotic line camera and discovery, bringing different surprises. We used legs and cameras to explore the most authentic Suzhou, and we liked it, and reposting all support us.
    The sincerely welcome to join us to explore Wu's cultural journey together, witness the changes in Suzhou, love photography, love travel, love hiking, once a week, the example is not false!

    It is the starting point of this line, and it can be reached not far from the road 1 of Metro Line 1. In the Song Dynasty, because of the Chunhua period (990-994), the prime minister Ding said, named Dingjin Gongxiang, No. Ding Jin Gongfang. The puppies in Suzhou alleys are no wonder, and most of them are docile, and they look at us after being fun.

    has a small museum at the mouth of the alley. Various Soviet -style small dots are very rich. A bowl of red beans with osmanthus flowers and the bubbles with existing bags solve our Breakfast, small shops are rich in types, the taste can only be said to be passing, so I won't recommend it here.

    Themane Wuzhai in the alley. The wall on the east side is its characteristic. Affected the built Western -style buildings, the original owner is the landlord of Wu. The iron door is locked at the door, and this characteristic brick wall can be seen outside.

    Dingjiaxiang is not long, slightly hundreds of meters, just go to the next alley. I accidentally see the uncle who is riding a very old -fashioned bicycle. The alley can also catch such a simple picture.

    The original name of the new lane in Jianxin Lane, the chemist Gu Yidong's former residence in Benxiang Essence Gu Yidong has been a professor at Fudan University since 1952. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the founder of Chinese tungsten chemical research.

    This. This well is named "Rendequan". The original site is not here. When the road is transformed, the well circle is moved to the well. In the 13th year of the Republic of China (1924), the water quality is clear and used by the people.
    The residents in the bridge alleys are dressed up at the door of the residents, and the green shallots make the alley full of natural vitality. In the alley, there is a control building in the Qing Dynasty Dong's Yizhuang. Yizhuang has a variety of explanations. One interpretation is: refers to a specific place for temporarily stored unburocophated coffins. I hope those who know the meaning of many righteous villages in Suzhou here.

    The east section of the alley is called "Shi (Si) Poqiao Lane". In the past, it was the well -known Pingjiang Road.

    . Pingjiang Road is full of commercial atmosphere and never interruption. It is completely different from the lanes of dozens of meters away.

    The merchants on Pingjiang Road must have spent enough thoughts to integrate the store name into Suzhou taste. Although I do not want to introduce the merchants, I still take these two photos, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second. Many people must have watched it online.


    Niujiaxiang was originally known as Lanjiaxiang, which was known as the lane in the ancient times. Master Song Lan lived in the alley, hence the name. In the alley, there is a university scholar Pan Shien's former residence Liu Yutang, who was the sidewalk for the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom King Chen Yucheng. There are also historic sites such as Fengchi Garden, Dong's Yizhuang, Zhenjue, Chen Zhai, and Fangzhai.

    I didn't expect to see a dog who was pulling. Looking at my extremely aggrieved small expression, I guess it was helpless to be watched.

    The aunt who is peeled with broad beans on the roadside, and by the way, talk about shooting characters. Many friends street shooting characters are a little confused. In fact, chatting with the people and tore up local cultural and customs. It is okay to take a camera in person. The people in Suzhou have simple folk customs, hospitality and cuteness. Actively explained the way.
    This dogs carry a cage, and it is not fierce at all. Question 1 is here: Why do aunt do this?

    Stidimens of the old buildings facing the street will put a few stools on the roadside. Imagine the neighborhood chatting together. Whether the city's process is gradually losing this emotion.

    The spring to summer, the cleaner aunt can sweep out so many fallen leaves in autumn.

    The is the season, and there are a lot of loquat trees on the side of the road full of fruit, but these will not be very sweet. I hope you do n’t pick it at will. Loquat is Dongshan Baiyu Equipment.

    The control of the building in the alley was built in the Qing Dynasty, and Ruan Yisan, a professor at Shanghai Tongji University, lived here. New Yili is written at the door. Like most controlling buildings, most people rent it, and it is difficult to find the original architectural pattern. However, when you enter these trails from the alley, you will find it separately.

    This is suspected to have been deserted for a long time. The dilapidated aisle has appropriate lighting, and the large discharge meter box at the door is also covered with sealing.

    The walls of the building are covered with mountain climbing tigers, covering almost the entire house.

    We we found the only family who still lived in this alley. At this point, talk with us for a long time. This is a place to demolish the demolition, and the people around you have moved away. It is estimated that the owner will move away soon. In fact, from me, I do n’t want to be demolished by the old houses with so delicate and authentic tastes.

    has a well not far from the courtyard. When the popularity disappears, these history will follow.

    In the window flower of the wall, see an old house, and find an opportunity to go around and look at it later.

    This is a very good courtyard, but it is full of loneliness that has been deserted for a long time, leaving only the ancient vicissitudes and the disabled wall. After we took a few photos, we were quickly persuaded by the security guard who didn't know where to come, reminding that it was already a dangerous house.

    Thezon Museum (Pan Shien's former residence)

    n The former residence has a history of more than 200 years, which is part of Gu Fengchi. Panzhai was formerly known as the "No. 1 Yuanfu" and "Tai Fu Di".
    Pan Shien (1770-1854), the champion of the 58th year (1793) of the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, was more than 50 years of officials. The president of Wenying Pavilion was responsible for the "Tangwen". He is the author of "Reading History Mirror Ancient Editor" and "Si Bu Zhai Note". During the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom period, Pan Zhai was temporarily lived by the British King Chen Yucheng for three days. In 1963, it was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Suzhou. In 1984, the gauze hat hall was repaired, and the flower basket hall, brick carving gate building, etc.
    The old wall of the old wall with a large cultural atmosphere, the two sides are full of folding fan shapes.
    This to learn from Suzhou Prefecture. The important turning point of ancient education in Suzhou is the Suzhou government founded by Fan Zhongyan, a famous phase (1035) in Jingyou (1035) in the Northern Song Dynasty. From Suzhou Prefecture Studies. This is actually a bit reminding me of the Southwest United University. When a cultural atmosphere is formed, the humanistic style is becoming increasingly prosperous. Starting from Suzhou Government to modern times, it is the current Suzhou Middle School, and it is also the oldest middle school in Jiangsu Province.

    In internal courtyards, authentic Suzhou taste, especially after you read the introduction before the champion hall, with a humanistic atmosphere, you will really appreciate the history of history. The thickness and precipitation. This is never available for any modern building.

    I I wish this pair of people's gold list title.

    The exit is a modern cafes, which gives you a feeling of being like a passage, and suddenly pulls back to reality from the immersion of history.

    The exit directly reaches Linton Road. , But this little inconspicuous No. 1 Museum is ignored by many, many people.


    entering Xiaojiaxiang from the intersection of Linton, there is a good picture on the wall Unfortunately, unfortunately, the decoration workers were tightly blocked with wooden boards and almost wanted to move away.

    S Xiaojia Lane's old name Jiuqu Wall Lane, Wu Zhouyu's home house, Song Dynasty martial arts Zhou Hu live here. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Wu Zhongxingyi Ai Bu Chanju (No. 15, Xiaojiaxiang, No. 15 Xiaojiaxiang, Ludangtang) "Yuanhe County Temple Temple" (Yin Yuanhe Hall), No. 48, Xiaojiaxiang, originally meant "Yinjian County Yamen". The alley, but the incense is not bad. And this alley is really beautiful, more unique and exquisite than all the alleys I have taken before. Small scenery along the road.

    The former residence of Aipu Chan, Suzhou native, Wuzhong famous doctor, known for good treatment of typhoid fever, has many disciples, among which Wang Fengchun is one of the four famous doctors in Beijing. The building was built in the Qing Dynasty, and the existing secondary roads were existing, sitting north to the south.

    The small flies in the lane, dense menu is amazing, this is just a wall, and there is a menu on the other side.

    Wangzhai was located at No. 53 Xiaojiaxiang, built in the Qing Dynasty, and Zhihengli was written at the door.

    The husband's house.

    Dingzhai, built in the Qing Dynasty, and now sitting in the south hall of the Northern Dynasties, it is now "Wang Xiaohui Art Museum". However, the door is closely closed ~ If many control buildings become some business or lived, usually the warranty will be better, and the others will be relatively broken.

    S Suzhou local brand double happy milk. Many people drink this brand from small to most.

    In out of the alley and come to Pingjiang Road again. The chicken feet of Pingjiang Road are also very famous. The taste of the water village.

    . The small scenery of Pingjiang Road, I am thinking, maybe I will make a special door and window special in the future.

    Question 2 is here, what is this handsome little brother doing? Tip: The little brother threw the garbage into the river, picked it up again, and then threw it in another place.

    The is familiar with this one who has appeared well. According to me, it ’s very good, but it’ s not good. I have made many small scenes I treasured into a popular punch -in. I am annoyed.

    is a bit tired to walk. Next is lunch time, switch to the food channel.

    In lunch at Tuzao Hall

    This is a signature dish. Can you guess which one can you guess?

    Qianjima Lake big fish head.

    This noodles I like the most.

    This noodles with the Baks and Bone heads of the little partner, but this noodles ~~~ I can't see it.

    The business still needs to order on the spot.

    The umbrella at the door is beautiful. Please look forward to the next article, more exciting! Intersection Intersection

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