1 thought on “How to take Gao Ming to take the bus Shunde Daliang Guangjun used car market”

  1. This data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

    It bus lines: 501 → Bakonggui, Foshan City-Gaoming Line → Basunde, Foshan City, about 56.3 kilometers
    1, about 80 meters from Gaoming District, arrived at the government The front station
    2, take the 501 road, passed 5 stops, reaches Gaoming Passenger Station (can also take the 503, 507, 521, 504 night shift)
    3, walk for about 1,000 meters, reach Gaoming Passenger Station
    4. Take the Bazonggui-Gaoming Line of Foshan City. After 1 stop, reach the Shunde Passenger Terminal
    5, take Foshan City Basunde-Sanshui Line. Guangfo City Pakistan, Guangzhou South Station-Ronggui Line, 341 Road)
    6, walking about 30 meters, reaching the Shunde Daliang Guangjin old motor vehicle trading market

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