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  1. Environmental detection mainly detects the monitoring of industrial pollution sources, and gradually develops to the monitoring of the environment, that is, monitoring objects are not only pollution factors that affect environmental quality, but also monitoring of biological and ecological changes. Environmental monitoring refers to the use of modern scientific and technological methods such as physics, chemistry, biology, to intermittent or continuously monitor and determine environmental chemical pollutants, physical and biological pollution and other factors to make correct environmental quality evaluations.
    In environmental monitoring is the use of modern scientific and technological means such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, telemetry, remote sensing, computer, etc., monitor, measure and monitor various logo data reflecting the quality of the environment and its changes, thereby Disciplines for comprehensive evaluation of quality.
    not only the detection and noise, vibration, thermal energy, electromagnetic radiation, radioactive and other physical factors such as chemical pollutants, but also the biological monitoring of various reflexes and information tests caused by the changes in environmental quality, and the area Ecological monitoring of community and population migration.

  2. The main test of environmental testing includes: water quality testing, air exhaust gas, air pollutants, workplace exhaust gas, solid abandon, noise, radiation. In addition to the main testing, there are also: clean plant, clean product detection, canteen oil fume detection, dust detection, and microbial testing.

    In environmental detection What are the main detection of

    In environmental testing is to use GIS technology to design the environmental detection network and conduct detailed venue monitoring and analysis of the selected evaluation area.

    In environmental testing is a very technical emerging industry. Almost every province, city (district) has environmental monitoring stations, and even in the military region and school scientific research units.

    In environmental testing can provide effective basis for the development trend prediction of the environment, which is the basis of the entire environmental protection work and environmental science research.

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